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Stochastic Filter

Stochastic Filter

Using the Stochastic Filter indicator, you can find not only overbought and oversold zones, but also be able to determine the most significant reversals of the current trend. This will take your trading to a whole new level.Forget about slipping in the oscillators, be it Stochastic or RSI or some other oscillator. Stochastic Filter signals 100% do not redraw and do not require adjustment of parameters - the indicator will work equally well on any chart, even with default parameters.


  • Deep - the number of bars to calculate the filter
  • K - stochastic parameter K
  • D - stochastic parameter D
  • S- stochastic parameter S
  • OS - oversold level
  • OB - overbought level

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Version 3.1 2020.06.21
colors adjusted
Version 3.0 2020.06.21
Fixed some errors.
Version 2.0 2020.06.19
Fixed some bugs.