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M Extensions

The M Extensions are variations of the Golden Ratio (Fibonacci Sequence). It is the World's first technique developed for Candle Projections.


  • Easy to plot. Candle anchoring;
  • High and accurate precision as support and resistance;
  • Excellent Risk x Return ratio;
  • Works in any timeframe;
  • Works in any asset / market.

  The M Extensions are classified into:

M0: Zero point (starting candle)
RC: Initial candle control region
M1: Extension region 1
Extension region 2
Extension region 3
Extension region 4

The M Extensions can be used in any market: indexes, futures, stocks, Forex, Bitcoin. You just need a candle chart.

The anchoring of the 'ME' should preferably be done in high volume candles (climax candles) and close to turning points. Therefore it's reccomended the use of the volume tool to identify the best candle projection.

Input parameters:

  • Color;
  • Line width;
  • Line style;
  • Extend or not the lines to the end of the chart.

Instagram: mavinimiranda

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    Version 2.0 2020.07.08
    - Nova função para personalizar a cor, tipo de linha e espessura de cada uma das expansões.
    - Agora é possível apagar apenas uma expansão por vez, se houver mais de uma plotada.
    Version 1.1 2020.06.17
    Ao modificar as cores, espessura, tipo da linha e estender, não é necessário plotar a ferramenta novamente.