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Boss EA


Next price:        $549

Final price:        $599

This system takes advantage of the stagnant market during the Asian session. The EA does not use indicators, grid, martingale, arbitrage. The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. The EA includes protection against high spreads, and allows you to trade with a fixed or automatic lot size.

Recommended timeframe is M5.

Minimum account balance: $50.

Default parameters are for EURUSD M5.

MT5 version can be found herehttps://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/51215


  • Every trade is protected by stop-loss;
  • The EA is not sensitive to spread or broker, you may chose any broker you trust to;
  • No dangerous money management are used;
  • 99.9% of trades are profitable, good resistance to unexpected market events;
  • Stress tested with 99.90% tickdata using variable spread;
  • The EA is very easy to setup and use.

Expert Logging Function(ver. 2.92 or higher)

  • Take a look at Figure 1 in the screenshots section. This function can help to find out the reasons why the EA opened (or not) a trade in backtesting / live trading.

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to GMT parameters! In order to get proper results, you have to set them correctly according to your broker GMT Offset


  • Fixed Order Size - fixed trading lot;
  • Enable AutoLot - use automatic lot calculation;
  • Balance For Every 0.01 Lots - balance to be used per 0.01lots (automatic lotsize based on balance);
  • MaxRiskPerTrade - auto MM based on the max risk per trade;
  • Maximum LotSize - maximal allowed trading lot;
  • GMT Offset Auto - if true, the EA will find the GMT offset automatically. Allow requests to https://www.worldtimeserver.com
  • GMT Offset Manual - set your broker's time zone (in winter);
  • Adjust DST Manual - set your broker's DST;
  • MondayTrading - true/false - enable or disable trading on Monday;
  • TuesdayTrading - true/false - enable or disable trading on Tuesday;
  • WednesdayTrading - true/false - enable or disable trading on Wednesday;
  • ThursdayTrading - true/false - enable or disable trading on Thursday;
  • FridayTrading - true/false - enable or disable trading on Friday;
  • FridayExit - true/false - if you wish to close all trades on Friday, you should use FridayExit=true;
  • FridayExitHour - the robot will close all open positions at this hour on Friday;
  • Trade Direction - long and(or) short can be selected;
  • Volatility Ratio - filter based on intraday volatility. Default value: 30. Recommended values: 0...100;
  • Hour/Minute to Open a Trade - here you can adjust the hour/minute for opening a trade. It has to be set in GMT+2 DST:US/EU (corresponds to GMT+2 in winter, GMT+3 in summer) timezone which gives five full 24-hour daily candles each week and is used by most brokers. The daily candles open at 0:00 during the bank rollover time. I use default settings. This parameter does not depend on the broker or PC/VPS local time. Minutes should be divisible by 5, for example: 0,5,10...55
  • Maximum Spread - maximum allowable spread, pips;
  • Maximum Slippage - maximum allowable slippage for instant accounts, pips. Increase it to avoid re-quotes and off-quotes;
  • Take Profit - take profit in pips (1 pip = 10 points for a 5-digit broker);
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in pips;
  • Trailing SL - trailing stop in pips;
  • Trailing SL Start - when to start the trailing stop;
  • Max Holding Time - maximal position holding time - a maximum number of bars between opening a position and closing it completely;
  • Magic Number - unique identifier for EA's orders;
  • Order Comment - comment for EA's orders.

sheep114 2020.07.08 01:47 

*Will update review after author fixes issues related to broker choice* - At the moment, trades are unpredictable in the sense that you can not count on having the same trades as the author. If you want the same trades as the author then subscribe to his signal for $30/ month. Slippage is not an issue as this is not even close to high frequency trading. The EA is not guaranteed to give you the same results as the author and should be considered NOT SAFE at this time.

Dennis L
Dennis L 2020.07.07 08:13 

my first trade with this EA, it hit the 100p stop loss...

Jinzhao Yang
Jinzhao Yang 2020.07.07 01:38 

stop sending me SCAM message, I can test the EA by myself and im rich enough to test all the things that i like! I can say there is no EA worth to buy in the MQL5 except BOSS EA, Perfect Score and DO IT EA, they all can run 100% win result in the real market!!! I already use DO IT EA for more than 6months and 100% win trades on EURUSD!! The result will say~~~not the SCAMer like you sending this stupid message and want to let the people to buy your EA~~~ I give the author 5 stars cause i did test with my new settings and it still work!! But need 2 more weeks to test on real account!! I will keep the 5 stars if the EA follow my backtest~~ OR If its a real SCAM, I will change it to 1 star!!! update: i make a new backtest on tickmill broker, data source Dukascopy, 20200101 to 20200706, has the same result with my account, also has the same losing trade in the backtest on yesterday, so backtest result seems like credible, need author to fix the problem~~ i will give you one more star and wating for your update~~~ lets give the author some time ~~~ i will put the backtest result in comments~~ we all have a big loss~~ i almost blow my 18 accounts~~~ but im not going to say it is a SCAM~~~ i saw the trade today, i have tickmill and icmarkets account~~ as the author says, the new update can check the EA why its open or not open a trade in the experts chart~~ today's trade on tickmill, the volatility ratio shows 36.891, so it open a sell trade~~ but on icmarkets, the volatility ratio shows 29.024, so the trade was skipped like author's signal~~~ its really has broker sensitive, but really need author to fix it ASAP!! we want to trust you and want to thank you for the great job, but please, just fix it like your signal!!

lemonlenny 2020.07.07 01:32 

Inexplicably, and it is always like this..... there will be an EA that shows great results, and then within days or maximum one month after it hits the masses the legendary "Black Swan" Event happens. i.e.... "coincidence". But it is ALWAYS like this. So many perfect EA's.... so many "Black Swan" Events that happen almost immediately. Over and over again this is observed. With an EA that claims 99.9% Wins.... it is very, very, very confusing as to why the author is trying to "improve" it once it hits the masses. i.e. adding how many bars before the trade closes, adding the volatility meter, almost non-stop updates AFTER posting an EA with 99.9% win rate. What is the point of these or any updates at all? To increase your win rate from 99.9% to something higher?? There is no point. All it does is it causes confusion. As if anyone using the EA will try to customize it further. They won't. It's like humans always want more colours and variations for their phone case. Ultimately, when it comes time to pay and buy, they always choose Black. Same thing here. No need to keep updating and making a 99.9% win rate EA "better". That is ridiculous and an absolute complete waste of time. Both of the authors as well as the customers time as well to understand new things. Its not as if the customer is going to do anything with this new information. And ofcourse, the flame comes from how virutally nobody has won 10 times yet, but they already see a loss on a self proclaimed 99.9% winning robot. On backtests -> over 99% win rate. Finally..... what in the world is the use of a volatility panel or setting if different brokers honour it differently. If one broker shows "60" for this volatility setting, and another broker shows "4.5"..... this means this volatility setting is as useless and me saying "I have implemented a new value. It is called the LEMONLENNY panel. When over 30, it will trade, when under 30, it will not trade".... since brokers don't care about this LEMONLENNY setting, and they don't cater to it, then this LEMONLENNY setting becomes completely worthless and random - since no one abides to it. Worst of all, is you implemented this volatility setting and added it for all to see. What is the point? What do you mean default 30? It can be changed to any value and be completely worthless and meaningless. Let's face it, if the default is 30, and at the time of a potential trade, one broker has this value at 4.5, and the next broker has this value at 59.5...... can you not see how this volatility setting is less than worthless????

chaclaxd 2020.07.06 21:05   

The author of this EA has already become a millionaire with so many copies that he sold and the same for his other EA, happily the author did not open a sign today so he must be happy, but for many NO, I do not recommend

Last Pio
Last Pio 2020.07.06 20:36   

Boss EA, I opened my position today. Why didn't my EA trading open?

jamal hamdan
jamal hamdan 2020.07.06 18:48 

bad EA big stop lose

Jack Ralph
Jack Ralph 2020.07.06 18:07 

-£200 on second trade. the win to loss ratio with the EA is very unprofitable. for the long term. Especially with small accounts.

jean vil
jean vil 2020.07.06 15:58 

It’s a scam. His result in his signals are not the same as the settings that he give us. I had 2 trade, 1 win and 1 BIG loss.

Pei Zhao
Pei Zhao 2020.07.06 15:50 

The result of this ea transaction on my new account is not the same as the result of his signal transaction. I need to make an evaluation after a period of time!

Allan Haraldsson
Allan Haraldsson 2020.07.06 15:48 

Scam. Terrible . Check my comments and the attached picture on it

Simon Akubue
Simon Akubue 2020.07.04 13:53 

Awesome, just as his other product "Perfect Score" https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/51341#. These EAs are the best in this Market place.

SOMO 2020.07.04 11:21 

Sergei is a very polite and professional individual. I have some issues regarding this software but he is working to get this issue resolved. I gave him five stars for the prompt customer service provided. I will keep you posted regarding the reliability of his software. So far one trade only with profit on a "live account".

Gordon 2020.07.04 08:29 

I have backtested Boss EA before I purchased this EA. I was impressed with the outcomes of all my backtests !! I am really fascinated with my forward test results on my live accounts in these challenging times. How this software handled volatility amazed me as a forex trader. I take my hat off to you !! Also, I like to thank you for your continuous hard work in coding and forward testing on this software and ‘out of the box’ trading strategies. Keep up the good work !! I have backtested Boss EA before I purchased this EA. I was impressed with the outcomes of all my backtests !! I am really fascinated with my forward test results on my live accounts in these challenging times. How this software handled volatility amazed me as a forex trader. I take my hat off to you !! Also, I like to thank you for your continuous hard work in coding and forward testing on this software and ‘out of the box’ trading strategies. Keep up the good work !! I want to make it clear. This is my genuine review of this EA, by no mean is a fake review which claimed by another user !!

FM24 2020.07.04 08:03 

28.06.2020: I'm lucky to buy Boss EA last week, my real account in profit 14% with high risk. Thank you Sergei! ... 07.07.2020: The profit is 21% ... Screenshot attached in comments

Jonathan Bourse
Jonathan Bourse 2020.07.03 16:50 

Very Very Good EA, small DD, and Sergei is very helpful ! I like it.

Saleh Alghanem
Saleh Alghanem 2020.07.03 16:42 

Qesdsad You are a liar and spiteful, author has set his EA signal link to prove the work and everyone can see success or not and I see that it's great so far. I will update my review every month

Satoshi 2020.07.03 14:43 

This is an awesome EA. The basket rapidly increases. Back testing of EURUSD from 2015.6.29-2020.6.26 is that consecutive wins are 16 while consecutive loose is 1. I could not conduct a 20 year-back test due to VPS memory. Although back test necessarily does not guarantee the future result, I have never loosed so far. I am happy to buy it. Mr. Sergei Riebin promptly responses in PM. Thank so much for him.

Vee 2020.07.03 14:24 

Hi Everyone! Slight change on my outlook of Boss EA. Will continue to monitor performance for 3 months, and see if back test is actually a true representation of live results...(will adjust rating accordingly)

Qesdsad 2020.07.03 10:15 

This is a EA made by big company, which bought fake positive review, This is a fraud backtest result, just a scammer author

miguelleon777 2020.07.03 09:24   

Hi. The is a telegram group for suport? Thanks

RobotGrail 2020.07.02 14:58 

Это очень хороший,и очень редкий советник на маркете - его однозначно стоит купить ! Согласен с каждым кто поставил рейтинг 5 звезд ! Тестировать одно удовольствие кривая ровная,ровная и идет вверх ! Что вообще огонь - просыпаешься а профит уже есть - можно вывести и потратить :)

LUIZ CLAUDIO TRANNIN 2020.06.29 19:48 

BOSS EA is simply amazing, its number of hits is unbelievable, perfect back test for the last 10 years. Going with a lot of confidence for real trading. I will update the comments, so far 5 stars.

Tomáš Dutko
Tomáš Dutko 2020.06.28 23:56 

Perfect EA with good results! worth to buy :)

Jose Daniel Stromberg Martinez
Jose Daniel Stromberg Martinez 2020.06.28 15:24 

I have tested almost every script I can find here, but this one is a killer (in testmode, slightly modified from default to higher risk), got 99.71% winning over 10 years (just 2 losses with 1039 trades). Hope it will perform just as good with real Money!

Pavels Skudra
Pavels Skudra 2020.06.28 11:06 

The current system is very interesting. I am keen to test it on live account. Also, the author is swiftly responsive. I will come back with additional comments after 3 months.

Richard Ricki
Richard Ricki 2020.06.28 08:56 

Great support from Sergey! Hope the EA is working well as expected for long term.

Lee Yong Hong
Lee Yong Hong 2020.06.26 18:15 

EA looks promising...hope to succeed. The author's service attitude is very good. Thank you SERGEI RIEBIN

Aceman123 2020.06.26 17:51 

I hope it's not a holy grail backtest. Seen many here. I'll update my review in a few months. Edit: seems like another BT holy grail. As soon as i put it on a live account, it gave a horrific 100 pip SL, which was NEVER hit in 18 years of BT.

Marat Bayburin
Marat Bayburin 2020.06.26 17:46 

По тестам отлично, проходит всю историю с 2003 года, что большая редкость для маркета + есть сигнал. Автор отзывчивый и отвечает на все вопросы. Беру :)

BitcoinLife 2020.06.26 13:16 

A very good EA, it deserves more than 5 stars, I have been using it since it came out and no losses, I am very happy with Boss EA and the great support of the author :) Update: Do not be childish, if you are going to buy this EA do not cry if you touch 1 SL

Senjaya Hidayat
Senjaya Hidayat 2020.06.25 16:21 

Thank you for creating this EA, Sergei Riebin, grateful to have this BOSS EA, become a Boss in Forex Market.

Version 3.14 2020.07.05
- Added ability to filter trades by weekdays and close all trades on Friday evening;
- Added a new MM technique: MaxRiskPerTrade;
Version 2.92 2020.07.03
This is an optional update, you can safely skip it.

- Added 'Expert Logging Function'.
- Improved EA Panel.
Version 2.89 2020.06.30
Major release. Please update the EA as soon as possible.

Added new parameters: Maximum Slippage, Hour/Minute to Open a Trade.

- Bugs fixed.
Version 2.85 2020.06.30
- Added new parameter Volatility Ratio (I use default value);
- Minor improvements.
Version 2.83 2020.06.28
- Added new parameter Max Holding Time;
- Bug fixes and other minor improvements.