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CCI Trend Blitz EA


CCI Trend Blitz EA - A 100% fully automatic safe trend trading robot designed and based on my custom indicator with the same name. We all know that 'Trend is your friend' and that is exactly what this adviser take advantage of - trading the trend and riding along with it. Additional signal confirmation with standard Moving Average to validate main CCI signal,trailing stop to secure your profits plus the adviser does not use any kind of dangerous trading techniques in it's trading operations and always open one order at a time.

It is recommended to trade higher time frames with this robot such as H1-H4. This is a long term trend trading robot and trades are less frequent.


  • Risk assessment - Trade with dynamic position size risk percentage or just fixed lots
  • Additional Moving Average indicator signal confirmation
  • Two order take profit and stop loss modes - Fixed or dynamic (ATR)
  • Two trailing stop levels mode - Fixed or dynamic (ATR)
  • Trailing stop
  • Spread filter
  • Weekday manager
  • Any account type
  • Low initial deposit - $100-$200 based on 1:500 leverage
  • Drop down account/adviser info menu

Default settings and optimizations

Adviser comes fully configured to trade EurUsd time frame H1. If other currency pairs going to be traded an optimization has to be performed. It's fast and simple to do, just follow these steps;

1. Do the first run with 'Control points'. Select which mode,dynamic or fixed for order and trailing stop levels and select corresponding # inputs and follow the start/step/stop settings range guide.

2. Select your desired set found in optimization and do the final test with 'Every tick' to see if the set holds up.

Of course you can do the first run with 'Every tick' but it's more time consuming but you don't need to do #2 if this chosen.

Download the custom indicator that's used for this EA free of charge and install in your MQL4/Indicators folder. Adviser uses this indicator by default as 'resource' and this can slow down speed in strategy tester when testing and optimization is performed.

Download here

    Adviser settings

    • Risk assessment - Trade with dynamic positions size risk percent or with fixed lots
    • General settings - ATR time frame and period,magic number,slippage,spread filter and order comments
    • Additional MA validation - MA Time frame,mode,period and shift
    • Order settings - Order level mode,fixed TP/SL inputs and dynamic (ATR) TP/SL factor level multiplier inputs
    • Trailing stop settings - Trailing level mode,fixed start/step inputs and dynamic (ATR) start/step factor level multipliers inputs
    • Weekday management - Select which weekdays to trade on


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    Version 1.1 2020.06.13
    This version;
    1: Additional order checking added