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FS Rapid

Automatic advisor using the Bands indicator (Bollinger Bands). The adviser is based on the results of several years of research into various strategies. The advisor processes each new tick comparing with historical data, calculates with high probability market movement, and produces trading transactions.

The advisor has an algorithm for automatic calculation of the lot volume on the basis of the balance sheet, which allows to start trading with a deposit of $10. The advisor has a risk parameter for the automatic calculation of the lot volume (in the advisor 's settings). You can disable this algorithm and manually set the lot size.

We recommend using the M1 timeframe.
The adviser 's strategy allows you to work on any pairs.
The main parameter of the algorithm is spread. The smaller the spread, the better. The spread restriction is made in the advisor 's settings.

Settings of the adviser:

Safety_First - еrade strategy minimum risk regime;

TakeProfit - teak-profit for warrants;

StopLoss - stop loss for warrants;

slippage - slippage;

Lots - the amount of the item when the auto lot is disabled;

AutoLot - еnable or disable the autolot

Min_Lots - minimum lot for autolot;

Max_Lots - maximum lot for autolot; If Max_Lots = 0 then the expert Advisor will set the maximum possible value;

Risk - risk for autolot calculation;

MaxSpred - maximum spread;

Magic - ID of the expert 's warrants.
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Version 1.2 2020.06.10
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