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BAT OE Premium MT5

BAT Trade Panel | Order Execution (“BAT-OE”)

Full Demo version https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/50374

“BAT-OE” is a MetaTrader 4 & 5 EA  which allows the user to easily place trades (market or pending) with automatic risk/position calculation (ATR or Candlestick highs/lows) and trailing stop management.

Via the chart-based panelone-click trading functionality is incorporated. With one-click, a trade; consisting of either a single or triple order, is placed. Calculations for lot size, stop loss, take profit and trailing stop automatically takes place, defined by user parameters.  Functions on all asset classes – forex, gold, bitcoin, stocks and indexes (Dow Jones, etc) 

Features & Benefits 

Available - MetaTrader 4 & 5

MetaTrader is the trading platform most widely used by brokers and traders

  • Asset Class – Diverse 

Forex, gold, bitcoin, stock and indexes (Dow Jones, etc) 

  • Set-Up – Quick & Easy 
User-defined parameters are adjustable and retained for trade execution

    • Risk Methods - Flexible 

      Choose between fixed lot size or percentage of account 

    • Trade Calculator – Automated 

    Calculations for lot size, stop loss, take profit and *trailing stop automatically computed per trade

    • Orders – Single Or Triple 
    A trade can consist of a single or triple order. With the triple order - entry, stop loss and *trailing stop levels will be identical across all orders. Risk calculations and take profit level is adjustable per order 

      • Stop Loss - Dynamic Methods 

      Set your stop loss and trailing stop using either ATR or candlestick highs and lows

      • Take Profit – R:R Ratio Based 

      Set your take profits (reward) as a % of your risk 

      • One-Click - Trade Panel 

      EA panel on the chart has four conveniently located buttons to execute BUY and SELLpending and instant (market) orders for one-click trading 

      • Entry - Fast Execution 

      All you need to do is position your desired entry price, via the on chart entry line and click your desired button 

      • Exit Strategy - Reliable 

      Scaling out via multiple orders with take profits (broker’s terminal) is more stable than setting partial closes on one order (traders’ terminal) 

      • Management - Efficient 

      With a VPS all open trades are continuously managed and a *trailing stop is activated automatically for new trades 

      *Requires a VPS for continuous operation 

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        Version 1.1 2020.06.25
        Recompiled with updated version of MT5 editor.
        Trialing stop updated.