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Telegram Notification Adv MT5

Advanced Trade Notification Direct to your Telegram Channel

Please DM for more Details  Telegram Message

👇 MT4 Version:

Telegram Notification Advanced MT4

New Update:

- Added more type telegram Notification Text to Telegram
- Added more type telegram Notification ScreenShot to Telegram
- Added Watermarks selection (Period / Symbol & Text & LOGO)
- Added Profit show in Currency or in Points.
- Added in New Pending Order - "Hit In" from Current Price
- Added selection of Channel (Either to use Channel ID or Channel Name)

Telegram Notification Adv is created with features that ensure its fulfill your needs as below:

1. Instant Notification of your Trading Activity from MT5 to Telegram.
2. Daily Summary Notification-Once daily EA will send “daily summary notification” based to Time set
3. Summary Notification based on Time Lapse – If you like to receive summary Notification of your trading activity, this EA has this feature. 
4. Trading Activity captured on chart and can easily spotted your daily account activity.
5. Customize Text and Chart Screenshot of your trading activity.
6. Any more features, that you think worth to be add on, just drop me a message.
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Version 2.10 2020.07.23
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Version 1.40 2020.07.17

- Some update on profit show ( Show price and profit in currency added)

1)Trading Notification to Telegram
2)Daily Summary Notification
3)Summary Notification by Time Lapse
4)Market Info/ScreenShot/etc
5)More than 4 type of Custom text Trading Notification
6)More than 5 type of Custom text for ScreenShot
7)Country Flag selection on Notification
8)Support Channel ID or Channel Name
9)Selection to show Profit in Currency or in points
10)Text Color Selection whichever Text available on Chart
11)and many more!

Thank you and Enjoy!
Version 1.10 2020.06.08
Latest Update:

Update enable comment for summary (daily and trading summary) and enable comment on new order and closed order. (notification show order and show order additional 2 with ticket (latest) <--check on latest show order.