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Risk control stable version! Important! Only for gold transactions!!! 

This is a M5 average regression + grid + top bottom conversion transaction, which can choose a safe entry point to obtain stable profits in a volatile market environment.       

main features

1. Calculate the order quantity according to the floating capital, control the position, automatically increase the order quantity after the profit, and reduce the order quantity when the loss occurs.       

2. It will not place orders easily, and reduce the risk of withdrawal caused by unilateral market. The winning rate is about 75-80%, and the maximum withdrawal is 10-15%. Do not panic in case of withdrawal, and it will automatically arrange new orders to get back profits after over falling or over rising.  

3. Starting from 2017-1-1-test to 2020-5-22100000 USD, the profit is 49817.25, and the annual rate is about 140% 

4. Starting from 2015-1-1-test to 2020-5-22100000 USD, the company obtained 93790.13 profit and about 170% annualized 

5. When the point difference exceeds 100, the transaction will be suspended, the super unilateral transaction will be suspended, the transaction will carry less orders, and the position is generally between 1h-3d. 

6. According to back testing, the risk problem caused by super unilateral is avoided ideally, and it is suggested to start when the market is relatively stable.

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Version 10.10 2020.05.28
Considering that the recent gold price is at a relative high in history, and the proportion of orders placed at different positions is adjusted slightly, the number of sell orders placed increases, and the maximum withdrawal in the test slightly increases, but it can adapt to the possibility of gold price falling in the medium and long term, and the earning capacity during the shock period also slightly increases.

System back test income: working spread: 70

Starting from USD 10000.00 profit 61624.87 order quantity: 205, annual 176%.
Average profit: 302.08 (up from version 10.0, mainly benefited from the increase in number of single hands)

From USD 10000.00 profit 94856.84 order quantity: 473, annual 172%
Average profit: 200.54 (the proportion of sold orders increased, while pinglirun decreased compared with version 10.0, but the number of hands increased)

Waiting for the entry point still needs patience. In the 2017 test, the first entry position didn't appear until September Account security is the first thing.

The radical version is still not released for your safety.