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LitForce is a fully automated trading system for EURUSD (also known as Fiber). It targets to generate regular profits independent of the ever changing market situation by using a smart hedging approach based on general mean reversion characteristics of the used pair.

The basic strategy and its longterm potential was evaluated as it is traded live since 2016 (see screenshots). Based on this experience it got constantly improved over time to maximize the potential profitability while trying to keep a comfortable "peace of mind" growth curve without temporary Account Balance drawdowns. Although independent of often used (and often useless) indicators it includes an intelligent algorithm to identify individual entry points as well as targets for each single position based on price action and volatility.

Version 1.2 Update: Introduction of two trading modes.

Choose the basic trading approach depending on your general risk appetite and comfort zone related to drawdown.

Strategy A: longterm oriented strategy with overall lower drawdown, but temporary Balance setbacks. Possible to run in a low and high risk version. Stresstested on Tickdata since 2003. (Make sure to have at least two month of data prior to your starting point available when doing a backtest.)

Strategy B: optimized for the current market situation without temporary Balance setbacks. Possible to run in a low and high risk version. Stresstested on Tickdata since 2011.

Live Signal (Strategy B): https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/759023


  • two built-in trade modes
  • easy and ready to use system without adjusting too many parameters
  • comfortable growth curve due to the lack of consecutive losing trades
  • stress-tested on real tickdata including slipping simulation using artificially high values to produce a "worst case" market scenario
  • not sensitive to slippage in general as system does not scalp 

The EA uses some kind of averaging! No system is able to produce 100% winning trades for decades, therefor a uniform growth curve is not possible without the use of these techniques. LitForce however only carefully takes advantage of this approach.


  • Timeframe: Any
  • Minimum Deposit: 1000 $ for high risk, 2000 $ for low risk mode (It is possible to use Cent Accounts for smaller Deposits)
  • Leverage: Minimum 1:100 for low risk and 1:200 for high risk
  • A VPS is highly recommended to maintain LitForce to operate as intended! Although each trade comes with a visible TP and SL, they often act as placeholders only since both are monitored and managed by the EA internally all the time.


  • Trademode - Strategy A offers a longterm oriented system while Strategy B is optimized for the current market situation. Backtesting is recommended to check which one suits best.
  • BrokerTime - set your brokers GMT offset in hours here. For example: if server time and charts from your Broker are GMT+3 set the value to 3. Feel free to PM in case you need help. Wrong values will cause LitForce not working as intended
  • MagicNumber - set to identify trades placed by LitForce
  • Trade comment - adds a comment to each LitForce trade.
  • Risk - defines the desired risk. Use 0.25 for low risk and 0.5 for high risk mode (see screenshots for details on risk/reward). LitForce won't work properly with different values besides that.

Please keep in mind, there is no guarantee for future profits despite even the best testing methods on historical data and live history. Only trade with money you can afford to lose!

I am using this system live for years and gonna provide a new dedicated live account using the most current version here to undermine its potential and reliability. 

Futhermore I want to emphasize that this is NOT a get rich quick algo. Trades can stay in the market for weeks as well as there may be times without trades as well.

Only consider using this product if you have reasonable expectations. Even the best tool can do harm in the wrong hands!

Based on that a 3-month rent period is the shortest one available, as briefer periods are not sufficient for getting a meaningful impression of the potential LitForce offers.

Download the Demo!

bechti 2020.06.01 21:13 

Just backtested the "LitForce" EA. Got closely the same results as the developer documented. Started running this EA in my prduction. Seems to be an experienced developer. All the EA settings are, as you see, are super well documented. That is way obove others here! Looks great. Keep you updated!

Version 1.2 2020.05.25
Major Update:

- Trademode selection added. LitForce now offers two separate and independent strategies. Choose between longterm oriented Strategy A (which got added as a new option) or Strategy B, which acts as version optimized for the current market conditions.

Strategy A got tested since 2003 (make sure to have at least two month of data prior to your starting date available!), Strategy B since 2011.

- added trade comments
- general code optimizations
Version 1.1 2020.05.22
- Mistake in Input Variables description corrected
- Bug Fixes