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Mirror EA DEMO

NOTE: This is a DEMO version of MirrorSoftware for MetaTrader 5. This version works on realtime chart (not in Strategy Tester), and you can trade only twice the minimum permitted amount of lots (trade twice, in order to test the split positions). To work, "MirrorEA" requires the "MirrorController".

The new version of MirrorSoftware 2019 has been completely rewriten and optimized. 
This version requires to be loaded only on a single chart because it can detect all actions on every symbol and not only the actions of symbol where it is loaded.
Even the graphics and the configuration mode have been completely redesigned.

The MirrorSoftware is composed of two components (all components are required to work): 

MirrorController (free indicator):

This component must be loaded into the MASTER account. (The choice to write this component as an indicator is because there is no limit to the number of indicators that can be loaded on a chart and because it does not create any problem if you load it on an account logged with the Investor password);

You can download:

MirrorEA (expert advisor):

This component must be loaded into unlimited SLAVE account and it executes the actions of configured symbols.
The connections type that the MirrorEA supports are:

  • MT4 to MT4;
  • MT4 to MT5 hedge;
  • MT4 to MT5 net;
  • MT5 hedge to MT4;
  • MT5 hedge to MT5 hedge;
  • MT5 hedge to MT5 net;
  • MT5 net to MT4;
  • MT5 net to MT5 hedge;
  • MT5 net to MT5 net;

You can Download:

Demo Video

* See the demo video for details

Settings of MirrorСontroller

In the Window settings for each action, you can choose a audio voice among 4 predefined ones (David, Peter, Mary, Jennifer) for the events alerts: *

Settings of MirrorEA

In the "Options" tab:

  • Open charts of other symbols; *
  • Total drawdown %; *
  • Close positions; *
  • Delete orders; *

In the "Notifications" tab:

  • You can enable notifications on your mobile device; *

In the "Voice events" tab:

  • For each action, you can choose a audio voice among 4 predefined ones (David, Peter, Mary, Jennifer) for the events; *

In the "Symbols" tab:

  • You can add any symbol you decide to copy from the MASTER accounts. Each symbol can be configured in to the Settings window;

In the "Settings" window:

  • In the "Filters" tab of symbol settings you can set the follow options:
    • Buy, Buy limit, Buy stop; *
    • Sell, Sell limit, Sell stop; *
    • Invert actions; *
    • Copy exit positions; *
    • Copy stoploss, Copy takeprofit; *
    • Copy actions with magic; *
    • Copy actions without magic; *
    • Copy actions with comment; *
    • Copy actions without comment; *
    • Perform actions previously transmitted to the symbol connections; *
    • Only alert; *
    • Slippage entry (Deviation entry on MT5 version); *
    • Slippage exit (Deviation exit on MT5 version); *
    • Timeout seconds; *
    • Emergency stop loss; *
    • Pending mode (Place orders (not synchronized), Not place orders (synchronized)); *
  • In the "Money management" tab you can set the follow options:
    • Max size; *
    • Size calculation mode (Ratio of balance, Ratio of size, Larry Williams formula, Fix size); *
  • In the "Schedule" tab settings you can set the follow options:
    • Stop copy; *
    • Close positions; *
    • Delete orders; *
    • Intraday trading periods; *


  • The MirrorSoftware copies any action, manually or automatically executed (also on account logged with investor password);
  • You can execute any action on orders and positions on SLAVE account only;
  • You do not need DLLs or other external applications;
  • The symbol names between different brokers are not a problem;
  • You can manage any SLAVE symbol independently;
  • You can set an emergency stoploss for any single positions;
  • You can set a total drawdown value;
Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.13 17:03 


Version 19.0 2019.01.02
Version 19.000 - 2019.01.01
- MirrorSoftware 2019 has been completely rewriten and optimized.
Version 18.505 - 2018.05.05
- Changed the working method of program. Now with only one MirrorEA applied to a single chart, all actions performed on the Master account related to the configured symbols are copied. The symbols will be configured using the dialog that appears on chart when the button "Set symbols" is pressed. The list of configurated symbols are writed on file and reloaded at the next reopening of platform.
- Added functionality that allow you to setting the timeout seconds for executed the opening positions and placing orders. If the seconds is setted (0 = disable), the MirrorEA try to perform the action until the timeout not occured.
- Added functionality that allow you the loading or not, of previously actions performed on Master account.
- Added functionality that allow you to recived the notifications of error and/or execution on your Smartphone (if configureted on platform).
- Added inputs for setting the colors and size of texts showed on chart releted to the last tick datetime and other info.
Version 17.405 2017.04.12
Version 17.405 - 2017.04.05
- Fixed problems about manage existing positions with pending orders
- Added input list for selection different voices message for events (Open, modify etc)
Version 17.2 2017.02.16
Version 17.2 - 2017.02.12
- Completely rewritten, added new features and new controls.
Version 8.14 2014.08.05
- Fixed problem that occurred when changing the file name.
- Fixed problem of connection check on initialization.