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Mirror EA DEMO

NOTE: This is a DEMO version of Mirror software for MetaTrader 4 that you can buy here. This version works on realtime charts (not in Strategy Tester), and you can trade only twice the minimum permitted amount of lots (trade twice, in order to test the split positions). To work, "Mirror EA" requires the "Mirror controller" that you can download here for free.

Mirror software for MetaTrader 4 is a fast and high-quality trade copier for unlimited accounts and is a very useful tool for account managers.

This application consists of two parts: "Mirror controller" (it is a free indicator) and "Mirror EA" (Expert Advisor). All products are required to work.

"Mirror controller" must be loaded on MASTER account and "Mirror EA" on unlimited SLAVE account.

Other Demo Video

Settings of Mirror Сontroller

  • Any .wav audio file for each event;

Settings of Mirror EA

  • Master account number (required);
  • Master symbol (required);
  • Slippage for entry and exit positions;
  • Money management rules;
  • Emergency stop loss (Enable or disable) and emergency stoploss distance;
  • Any .wav audio file for each event;
  • Show informations on chart (Enable or disable) and text property;


  • The Mirror software copy any action that is performed on MASTER account manually or by using an Expert Advisor;
  • You can modify or split or close positions and orders on SLAVE account only;
  • You do not need DLLs or other external applications;
  • The symbol names between different brokers are not a problem;
  • You can manage the lots size of each SLAVE account independently;

Features of Money Management Rules

There are five ways to manage the lots size:

  • Same lots of MASTER account;
  • Ratio of MASTER account balance (if on a MASTER account there are $5 000 and 2 lots are opened, and on SLAVE account there are $7 000, the amount of lots that will be open is: 7000 / 5000 = 1.4 (ratio); 2 * 1.4 = 2.8 lots);
  • Larry Williams formula
    • this rule has 3 parameters:
      • which capital is used in the calculation (equity or balance or free margin);
      • risk %;
      • maximum loss (percentage or pips or money);
    • the lots are calculated in this mode: (capital * risk %) / maximum loss; (example: ($4 703.00 * 5%) = 235.15; 235.15 / 450.00 = 0.52 lots);
  • Multiplier lots (if 2 lots are opened on a MASTER account and multiplier is 1.5, the amount of lots that will be open on a SLAVE account is: 2 * 1.5 = 3 lots);
  • Fixed lots.

Features of Emergency Stop Loss

This is a safety feature in case that the connection between the MASTER account and the SLAVE account is interrupted.

In this case, the positions opened on SLAVE account would remain with no control.

If emergency stop loss is enabled, the EA loaded on a SLAVE account closes the positions at the level of loss setted.

Francis Dogbe
2016.04.13 17:03 


Version 17.2 - 2017.02.16
Version 17.2 - 2017.02.12
- Completely rewritten, added new features and new controls.
Version 8.14 - 2014.08.05
- Fixed problem that occurred when changing the file name.
- Fixed problem of connection check on initialization.