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Standard Deviation Upgrade

The indicator is designed for volatility (options) traders or as an addition to another indicator that sets the trade direction.

The standard deviation measures the market volatility.

The market dynamics is represented by the interchange of flat and high activity periods, so the approach to this indicator is simple:

  • If the indicator value is too low, the market is flat, therefore it makes sense to expect a burst of activity;
  • And vice versa, if it is extremely high, it is likely that activity will decline soon.

This improvement allows the indicator to determine when the values is too low and when it is extremely high.

The kTF parameter is used to set the number of bars in the higher period when swAutoPeriod=false.

If swAutoPeriod=true kTF is set automatically.

  • For the periods lower than or equal to two hours, the higher period is one day.
  • For the period lower than or equal to 12 hours - 5 days.
  • For the periods lower than or equal to a week - one month. 
  • For all other periods - 12 months.

Parameters  aEachMax and aEachMin set the maximum period of crossing of High and Low levels in the period from StartData to EndData.

The values of the levels are displayed as lines and labels (first line).

Line parameters:

  • width Level MaxMin
  • color LevelMax
  • color LevelMin

The indicator has two display modes View Indicator: standard and point. 

Standard settings:

Period, Shift, Method MA, Price 

Entry points can be displayed as ticks swCheck and lines swLineCheck colored in color Check, with the width width Check and style style Check.

The number of entries within the defined period is specified in the third line of the label. 

The indicator can send emails and push-notifications on your smartphone, notifying you of the possible entry or exit:

Send Mail, PUSH Out, PUSH In

If you have any questions or suggestions, please fill free to contact me.

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