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Quantina TradeProtector EA

If you opened a position this EA will ltake over it. Automatically handle and create your StopLoss / TakeProfit and Certanly move your Safety Net (Trailing Stop) to positive area. Quantina Trade Protector can handle unlimited opened positions.  


Make it more Simple

It is enough to run 1 Quantina Trade Protector only on 1 single currency pair. Turn on the Apply_to_All_Symbol to handle all your opened trade on all your currency pair on every currency pair.   


On Every Known Device

Quantina Trade Protector can handle all your opened position on your PC at home, on your VPS.

Enough to run on 1 device and Quantina Trade Protector will handle all your opened positions all around the world (on same account).

Quantina TradeProtector EA can run on every MetaTrader4 platform. On your PC/VPS.

STP/ECN/NDD account compatibility.

On Varied and/or Fixed spread account.

Yes, you can use it for scalp- and/or trend trading strategy too.

MaPi7475 Pittner
2018.01.09 21:16 


Nico Bilio
2016.03.03 08:55 

works - perfect!