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What Is This Stuff

WCS 2.0 represents a case of 8 strategies which support and complete each other at different market behavior. All strategies are absolutely independent and there are no conflicts among them. The EA does not use martingale and does not stay out losses. All strategies work with stop losses that do not allow big equity drawdowns. The EA created in such a manner to give best trading results both at 14-years history and at the actual market.


8 independent strategies are combined in the EA. Three of them are scalping strategies, one is night scalping strategy, one is breakdown strategy and three do not have a particular name. Each strategy has more and less lucky periods. When combined, they complement each other. 

What We Get as the Result

Combining several strategies in EA's algorithm provides stable working at the fluid market. The EA's presets are unneedful of optimization. If the EA shows good trading with some presets over a period of 14 years, then the next years it will work the same way with this presets.



Lot size in case fix lot is enabled.


Risk size for different strategies. Risk determines lot size depending on the deposit. It is measured as deposit percent contributed in gage. Risk size 100 corresponds to maximum deal that you can open.

Zero value disables the corresponding strategy.


Enable fix lot.


Maximum spread size for the EA. If spread is fixed, one must set its value. If you have floating spread, the recommended value is 2-3.


The range of admissible request price deviation from actual server price. Measured in points.


Determination of time zone. Remember that you must follow the server time.


  • High stability even at crysis periods
  • No need to optimize the presets
  • All strategies use stop losses
  • Trade on EURUSD M15

It is recommended that you use ECN or NDD accounts for trading this EA.

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