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Jast scalper

This EA is a regular scalper. Market entry - rapid price change over the last n ticks + auxiliary mA indicator. Closing a trade-reducing the speed of price change + auxiliary indicator MA.

Currency pairs - any with high volatility, timeframe from m1 to m15, decimal places - 5 (with 4 will not trade).


  • Lots - order Lot
  • MA_Method - the Method for the moving average indicator-is used to determine the trend
  • Period_MA - the Period of the moving average used to determine the trend
  • MA_Method_Close - Method for the moving average indicator-serves as a signal to exit a trade
  • Period_MA_Close - the Period of the moving average intended for the exit signal
  • Slippage - slippage in points
  • Spread - Spread
  • Magic - Magic number
  • StartHour - the start Time of the auction
  • EndHour - the ending Time of the auction
  • StopLoss - StopLoss in points
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in points
  • TrailingStep - Distance from the price in points to activate Trailing Stop
  • SLStep - at what distance from the moving average in points to set SL
  • LarryWilliamsMethod - false/true use the Larry Williams money management method
  • LWrisk - the Percentage of risk, it is recommended that 5% to 20%
  • LWpart - What percentage of the Deposit is allocated to this robot
  • speedOpen - Speed of price change for opening an order
  • speedClose - Speed of price change for closing an order
  • tickOpen - price difference for the last countTickTrend of ticks to open an order
  • tickClose - price difference for the last countTickTrend ticks to close an order
  • countTick - number of ticks for determining the rate of price change
  • counttictrend - the number of ticks to determine the strength of the price direction
  • The closing strategy - strategy for closing an order
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new1977 2020.09.01 12:04 

Никому не советую покупать данный продукт , результаты в тестере красивые . на реальном счёте сливает , оптимизировать в тестере не получится так как торговля в реале по тикам и скорости тиков сильно отличается , автор перестал отвечать на вопросы .советник требует серьёзной доработки.

Version 2.0 2020.05.27
Added take profit and stop loss, as well as 6 variations of closing trades, including Trallingstop
Version 1.1 2020.05.11
Added the ability to specify a custom comment