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Billions on Wall Street

EA Name: billions on Wall Street, perfect performance of tick data at 90% quality
The newly acquired quantitative arbitrage robot for Wall Street institutions. Using AI fasttick algorithm to improve the winning rate to the highest
At least a few hundred dollars can run. The lower the spread, the better. It cannot be higher than 20, and low difference brokers are recommended.
This EA allows you to have the same dollar wealth as Wall Street traders in a short period of time.
Finally, God bless you and have a good deal.
Time period: 5 minutes
Currency recommendation: GBPUSD / EURUSD
Default parameters:
Risk = 30;
StopLoss = 15;
extern double MaxSpread = 20;
Magic = 2020;
EA is able to detect real steel leakage (or more or less determined by the number of fast and slow bars) with an estimated accuracy of 90%. So the error is minimized in the smallest possible range.
Transactions can be developed and implemented in a small system, if in-depth research, development and testing.
In general, breakthrough reselling systems like this have problems of sliding and spreading when running with real-time accounts. Distance breakthrough does not have this problem.
An expert consultant who can play the best role in 5 minutes.
It takes advantage of the market's price range and trends.
When the price breaks through, the accuracy is on the transaction record.
Only two fund management parameters are used.
Use stop loss. Use at least 20 or 3 points for emergency stop loss. Up to 20 points can be changed.
Use track stop. Once activated, profits are determined in pips based on the value of the sure profit on trail stop parameter in pips.
Compared with other expert consultants I developed personally, this one is the safest and most profitable.
Easy to set up.
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3006250 2020.08.10 12:02   

I have rented it today for 1 month. Waiting for live trading result.

taiwfx 2020.05.26 06:42 

This EA performs very poorly in real trading and 99.9% data quality backtests, the author is not a pity to trust