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Fundamental USD EA

Simple but powerful strategies designed for longterm Profit with low risk.
No grid, no martingale, no scalping, no optimization - just pure old-school trading with simple ideas primarily based on events, seasonality and fundamental effects.

Each trade will be placed in a favorable market situation according to the strategies. Stop-Loss and Take-Profit will be set to secure the position. The position will be closed if the favorable situation is over.

This EA will never hold more than one position at a time! It is fully compatible to FIFO- and Netting-Accounts!

Fundamental Series

This EA is part of „Fundamental Series“, a Trading-System consisting of 4 EAs. You can use this EA alone or combine it with the other EAs of the Trading System to let the EAs benefit from each other. Together they will never hold more than three positions at a time.

The EAs trade slowly with only a few trades per month.

Because of the low trading-activity it can take some time to recover from a drawdown.

The goal is to grow your account over years instead of blowing it in weeks!

The Signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/737579

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFcbJ1ZnnUyKR197YQ


Symbol: EURUSD

Timeframe Live: Any

Timeframe Backtesting: M5 or lower

Balance/Deposit: At least 500 ($/€/£) balance for this EA alone. At least 800 ($/€/£) balance for all four EAs of “Fundamental Series”, otherwise the risk-management does not work as intended.

Leverage (for the symbol): leverage of at least 1:20. Higher is good, but not necessary.

Low spread accounts are usually slightly more profitable but not a must!

How to set up (quick setup)

Time Setting:
Modify the Time Offset until the time on the dashboard shows the correct time of New York. Offset 0 is equivalent to GMT+2 in winter and GMT+3 in summer.

DST Setting:
Chose the correct DST-Style of your broker so the EA can adapt correctly. Check your brokers website to find infos about that or message me if you can’t find it out.

Smart Risk:
Smart Risk Mode is the recommended Money-Management-Mode. Account Balance, value of the Account Currency and Price are included in the calculation to achieve a well balanced lot-size for each trade.
  • 20% - high risk
  • 15% - medium risk
  • 10% - low risk
Symbol Leverage:

If you use „Smart Risk“ Mode you need to input the Symbol Leverage (which can differ form the overall Account-Leverage, but for EURUSD it usually is the same) for correct calculations. If no input is entered, the Account Leverage will be used. Check your brokers website to find infos about that or message me if you can’t find it out.

I recommend to set the Spread-Limit to about three-times the value of a "normal" spread value. If at your broker the spread usually is about 50, then set it to about 150.

History Tab:
The EA needs to reed the order history. Always leave the "Account History"-Tab at "last three months" (right-click onto the list and choose this option).

After set up pop-ups will give you informations and recommendations. Read them closely. Even if they all look the same, there are a few variations. Some of them are just additional info while others will inform you about a problem.


  • For quicker backtesting, disable the dashboard.
  • The EA has only a tiny time window to place or close a trade. When backtesting with higher timeframes it can happen that there is no tick inside the time window. You always need to backtest on the lowest possible timeframe. The number of ticks is more important than the quality of the history data.
  • If you use history data from the internet you might need to change the time offset according to the time zone of the history data. If you can't find out the time zone, message me, I will help you find it out.

Message me if you have a question or need help during setup!

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Version 2.3 2020.09.02
-> Minor Update with no differences for most users.

The Smart-Risk function had a safety feature which uses the Account-Leverage if the leverage-input is lower than one fifth of the Account-Leverage. This was to prevent you from setting to low inputs accidentally, as this would increase the calculated lot-size and could mess up the risk-management.
A friendly customer notified me that at some brokers the difference between Account- and Symbol-Leverage can be even bigger. Therefore you can now input lower leverages which are as low as one tenth of the Account-Leverage.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about that or need help during set-up.

No other changes than that.
Version 2.2 2020.07.25
Minor cosmetic changes.
Version 2.1 2020.07.22
- Smart Risk Mode can now adopt to the value of any deposit currency (before only USD, EUR and GBP worked correctly without reevaluation of the risk-input). To make sure the calculation will be done correctly, the EA needs the correct leverage of the symbol (which can differ form the overall Account-Leverage) set in the property-inputs.
- The banner alert was removed and replaced by a message box
- Additional message box notifications help to make sure the setup was done correctly.
- Minor bug-fixes
- No changes to the trading-algorithms
Version 2.0 2020.06.23
Big Update!

- 2 additional strategies added.
- Minor bug fixes and changes to the dashboard.
- The version number is now displayed on the dashboard.
- Dashboard background color was changed for better contrast.
Version 1.15 2020.05.29
1) The Daylight-Saving-Offset Function was simplyfied and should now be more intuitive and easier to set up. The EA now just needs to know the Daylight-Saving Style your Broker uses and takes care about the rest.
2) The EA now checks if Auto-Trading is enebaled when it is loaded onto a chart. If not, the EA will tell you with a red banner on the chart.

No changes to the trading algorithm.
Version 1.14 2020.05.03
Minor bug in the manual Sl & TP calculation was fixed.
Version 1.13 2020.04.29
A bug was removed, which under certain conditions could prevent the EA from setting a Stop Loss and Take Profit.
Version 1.12 2020.04.27
- Dashboard text was revised and gramatical errors corrected.
- EA will now manage only trades which have the EA's magic number AND symbol. This way a unique magic number is required only if you run multible EAs on the same symbol.
Version 1.11 2020.04.22
Bug Fixes.
Version 1.10 2020.04.19
Minor cosmetic changes.