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Ftg scalper

FTG fully automatic trading robot

The robot is intended for ECN accounts only.

Simple and easy installation. Just run the robot with the basic settings for 20 currency pairs, and it will start to make a profit. The only thing you can change in the settings is the volume of the lot.
Account Type: ECN

Currency pairs: audcad / audchf / audnzd / cadchf / cadjpy / chfjpy / euraud / eurcad / eurnzd / eurusd / gbpaud / gbpcad / gbpchf / gbpnzd / gbpusd / nzdusd / usdcad / usdpff

You can work with any currency pairs for which the average spread does not exceed 1.8 points.

Timeframe: M5

Minimum deposit: $ 100 for each currency pair (see table for different leverage, in the photos below)

Trade statistics see here: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/769410

Test results 2015-2020 see here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/737201

Description of settings:
MagicNumber: magic number (no need to change the value)

Slippage: slippage (default 3 / no need to change value)

Max spread: Spread limit. The maximum spread is 1.8 points. If the spread is greater than the specified, the robot will skip the signal. (no need to change the value)

Fixed lot: The function of using only a fixed lot. If we use a fixed lot, then it is necessary to set the value 0 in the Risk percent line.

Risk percent: automatic lot calculation. I recommend using a fixed lot, and leave the value 0 in the line (Risk percent).

Traling: Trailing support for open positions. I added this parameter, maybe it will be useful to someone. I do not use it.

Grid: position averaging / true-on / false-off (should always be on)

Step grid: distance to open the next order upon an unsuccessful entry. The default step is 70 points. I recommend not to change this value.

Max orders: 10 (no need to change the value)

Martingiles/averaging: true-on / false-off (should always be on)

Multiplication factor: a value of 1.0 will use averaging with the same lot size 

Minimum profit: the minimum number of profit points to close the grid of orders. The default is 5.0. I recommend not to change this value.

StopLoss: The default is 0. Since we use the method of averaging positions, we do not need a stop loss. Therefore, we leave the value 0 in this line. The parameter was added just in case, maybe it will be useful to someone.

Bonus gift: every buyer of the FTG Scalper robot will receive one more profitable and stable night scalper for free. See the full description of the bonus robot here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/blogs/post/735957

To receive a robot bonus: After purchasing an FTG scalper, contact me via message MQL

Note: Night scalper is not for sale, and is available only to buyers of FTG scalper as a bonus gift. The night robot is provided without restrictions (lifetime license).

oska33 2020.07.02 11:43 

Hello Traders, Stay away from Scalper FTG and do not be fooled by the above cooked reviews and Monitor,the Seller will try to get a positive fake reviews by offering you a free EA once you write it will be fooled by others,i have contacted one of cusomers who bought the EA and made a positive review and told the EA does not work,so kindly be kind to your money as the seller charges $300 which you can not make that money in years let a lone profiting,i have testing the EA on demo and it differs result to the strategy test totally different,the Seller will not refund your money when you notice you were scammed,hope no body else loses his money on this account.

patrickdrew 2020.06.22 09:55 

Very bad EA. I have 4 other EA's and have tested many. FTG did not do what it is supposed to. I activated it with default settings... and nothing happened. After 3 days I asked seller (good communications) who confirmed it was normal. Ok... Then suddenly it started working and in 24 hours I got 100's of trades - many cancelled. Result small loss (I am running 1000 USD balance and had 0.5 dollar loss!??). Day 2 was the same?? I asked seller who recommended I increase lot size?? (This is odd as I was using default settings but fine). I 5 X doubled lot size to 0.05. The next two days were the same... 100's of trades (totally OK with this) and a small loss!?? This EA was supposed to be generating great profits... but for a week either did nothing or just generated losses.... I had rented it for a month - but turned it off after 5 days.

prasert789 2020.05.31 15:42 

Good System EA. Profit 2-3 % Day

mike180971 2020.05.14 16:56   

Very nice system from a very honest vendor.

benkadiayi 2020.05.06 09:25 

great EA. I made 5% in 3 days, would recommend.

punkatang 2020.04.24 03:01 

It's great, is working in a real account.

Version 2.16 2020.06.11
Исправленны мелкие недочеты из предыдущей версии.
Теперь сделки будут открываться чаще и качество их будет лучше
Version 2.15 2020.06.04
Несколько новых параметров
Version 2.14 2020.05.03
Улучшены функции входа
Version 2.13 2020.04.25
Fixed a small error in calculating% risk per trade.