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Heiken Ashi VPS

The Heiken Ashi VPS is a proposal to trade using Heiken Ashi Indicator. It is designed to kept a single order all the time. And use the stop loss as a direction switch.

EA have 2 types of stoploss, first stoploss and interval level stoploss. The first stoploss using the lowest level of the market level at the time by using same shift as interval level stoploss. Interval level use the low or high of Heiken Ashi Indicators.

I add the risk and lots as input. In the case of risk value read as zero EA will apply lots for trade. When risk have a value, EA will not trade if the minimum lots is less than the minimum allow lots for each symbol. To calculat lots from risk EA will use the input first minimum stoploss as stoploss reference. If this first minimum stoploss is read as zero, EA will apply risk as percent margin so it will have different meaning.

I am not recomend to use it in a long time because when the market have low volatility the stoploss may hit offenly than the profit.

With the database, It would keep best result from optimization into a single file, so it would be easy for optimization many charts and update to vps.


  1. Inp_Lots=0.01
  2. Inp_Risk=0.0
  3. Inp_MagicNumber=0
  4. Inp_Shift=2
  5. Inp_Breakeven=0
  6. Inp_UseFirstStoploss=false
  7. Inp_MinimumForFirstStoploss=1000
  8. Inp_BuyStopColor=clrWhite
  9. Inp_SellStopColor=clrYellow

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Version 1.80 2020.06.12
Fixed bug and Improve the trade routine in order to add a comment in its trade.
Version 1.70 2020.05.16
Add internal Equity DD Percent filter as 65 for the in house criteria keeeper during Optimizatio,
Version 1.60 2020.05.14
Fixed a bug of database location common <---> datapath between testing and VPS.
Version 1.50 2020.05.12
Add a CRITERIA_MANUAL_VPS for manule input of preset for VPS LOADING. (if wrong in Database handling in VPS)
Version 1.40 2020.05.09
Changed location for database file to common area, to keep tester run as the lastest optimzation parameters.
Version 1.30 2020.05.07
Fixed bug in Money management.
Version 1.20 2020.05.06
Improved database system for optimization.
Use prefix method for Magicnumber.
Add new parameter for take profit.