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Dont Panic

Don't Panic - this is scalper which detecting fast movements and makes trades on it. We named it like "Don't Panic" and there is a reason for that because this expert advisor has a protection from lossing a big amounts of money. You also may set up EA for your own acceptable risk but before that you should know that Don't Panic must be launched on brokers with a low spreads. Don't Panic doesn't use martingale or grid system and has a stop losses for all positions.

Before you buy Don't Panic EA please read carefully information below:
  1. Backtests results of any trading system do not necessarily guarantee a similar results in the future.
  2. Don't Panic EA requires as minimum $100 on your trading account. If you have less than recommended amount, please use cent account.
  3. EA requires constantly working 24/5 trading platform. It means that you should use it on dedicated server.
  4. EA requires constant and fast internet connection. It means that your dedicated server must connected to the fast internet provider and should be located closer to your broker’s datacenter
  5. Trading results highly dependent on broker conditions. Use broker with low fixed spreads.
If you want to do backtest of this EA set maximum 10 points for spread value. But its better to test this EA with Tick Data Suite which provides 99.9% tick modelling quallity. 

Symbols: GBPUSD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, USDCHF, USDJPY. You can aslo try to test and use another symbols with GBP, CHF, JPY and AUD at your own risk.

Required spreads: up to 2.0 pips

Timeframe: M5

Live monitoring: www.myfxbook.com/members/FxOwlTeam/don39t-panic-ea/6413019

Backtest reports: download from official website: https://fx-owl.com

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Version 1.29 2020.08.05
- Increased trading frequency.
Version 1.28 2020.04.08
- Fixed profit calculation.
Version 1.27 2020.04.07
- Improved exit strategy.
Version 1.26 2020.04.05
- Optimized trading algorithm.
Version 1.25 2020.04.04
- Optimized trading algorithm;
Version 1.24 2020.04.03
- Bug fixes;
Version 1.23 2020.04.02
- Increased performance;
Version 1.22 2020.04.02
- Added additional checks;
Version 1.21 2020.04.01
- Improved EA performance