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Gold vs Silver

Gold to Silver Ratio

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In the midst of the 2020 financial crisis the gold ratios are becoming more and more important. People are wondering how much going to cost to buy the market measured in ounces of gold when it finally bottoms out. Because what good would it be if the market shoots out but the inflation skyrockets too and gold reaches much higher than the market recovery?

Will Dow Jones Industrial Average end up been only 6000 points and Gold raises to 6000 USD making one to one ratio? Or the shrinkage of the market and rising of gold will find some other values close to one to one ratio as it happened during the Great Depression.

Will the Gold to Silver ratio finally breaks out of the extreme and normalize to more historical values?

Watch out these ratios and use the ATR to make spread trades between these instruments or implement other strategies in your portfolio.

The indicator can be coupled with Flexible ATR and DJI30 compared to Gold indicators.


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