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Signal Envelopes USDCAD

              The Signal Envelopes  USDCAD  indicator uses the robust filtering method based on: (1) the moving median Buff0 = < Median> = (Max {x} + Min {x}) / 2 and (2) the averaging algorithm developed by the author Buff1 = <(<Median> ) ^ (- 3)> * (<Median>) ^ 4  based on the moving median. The Signal Envelopes  USDCAD  indicator allows you to most accurately and with the minimum possible delay set the beginning of a new trend.  The Signal Envelopes indicator can be used both for trading according to scalper strategies, and when using long-term trading strategies. The indicator operation algorithms are presented in detail in the last screenshot.

              The indicator readings are extremely simple and do not require special explanations. The indicator lines Buff0 and Buff1 form an envelope into which practically all price fluctuations fit. The sharp angles formed by the gold indicator line (Buff1) indicate a change in trend. These turning points are also marked by arrows: blue to buy, red to sell. Confirmation of these signals can also serve as the intersection of indicator lines. If the gold line crosses the magenta line (Buff0) from the bottom up, this confirms the buy signal. If the gold line crosses the magenta line from top to bottom, this confirms a sell signal.

            The indicator has all kinds of alerts. The indicator does not redraw.

           The free  Signal Envelopes  USDCAD  indicator only works on the USDCAD currency pair. To work on all instruments, purchase the paid version of Signal Envelopes .


Indicator settings.

  • Price type  - applied price. Values: Close price, Open price (default), High price, Low price, Median price  ((high + low)/2 ), Typical price ((high + low + close)/3),    Weighted  price  ((high + low + 2*close)/4).
  • The averaging period    -   averaging period. Values: any positive integer   (3 default).
  • Line (arrows) thickness -  Values: any positive integer   (2 default).
  • The Signal methodNo, Send alert, Print (in expert), Comment (in chart), Sound + Print, Sound + Comment, Sound, Push + Comment, Push,  Mail + Comment, Mail
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