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Neural Currency

Hello everyone, the price of the program will increase to $ 350 when reaching 20 more sales, so if you are interested in the product, this is your opportunity to purchase it at a price of $ 150

It is an automated expert advisor, based on the principle of trend monitoring, to open operations in the trend direction of each of the currencies, so this EA has an algorithm internally that takes data from the 28 pairs breaking down each currency trying to open trades in pairs according to the strength of each currency

The opening and closing of each operation is performed by a neural network, simulating as much as possible the operations that a successful trader would perform.

Here you will find the operations opened by this EA



It does not use "toxic" business methods (martingale, averages, etc.).

Neural Currencies is optimized for the following 6 currency pairs: AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY

It only opens 1 single operation for each pair in the direction of the trend of the pair and will keep it open until the program considers it more convenient to close, so it does not have a stop loss or take profit since the robot follows the logic of maintaining the winning trades as long as possible and closing losing trades with the least possible loss.

It only needs to be placed on a chart to operate on all the pairs that it works with.

It does not matter the type of account used but to guarantee better results, use low spread ECN accounts.

It is recommended to use a lot of 500 usd for each 0.01 lots although in ideal conditions with 300 usd it would be enough

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Version 2.2 2020.04.17
Fixed bug that prevents TrailingStop from being activated in some brokers
Version 2.1 2020.04.15
Fixed problem that slows the test
Version 2.0 2020.04.14
The internal indicator was modified and now it takes data from all the 28 pairs coins to indicate its trend more precisely.

Now the neural network operates independently for buy and sell so it can be found that in the same pair one buy and one sell are opened at the same time

Now when the price has a profit of 50 pip a stop loss will be activated at 10 pips and when it reaches 100 pips the stop loss will move to 50 pips this to ensure profits

A money management was included and it will open the account operation at the amount of the account. 0.01 for 500 usd is recommended for a medium risk and 0.01 for 1000 for a low risk.

Fixed reported bugs like the one that sometimes opened 2 operations on the same pair in the same direction
Version 1.2 2020.03.20
-An error was found in the closing of the operations and it has already been corrected
-Added the option to activate which symbols you want to operate
Version 1.1 2020.03.20
minor fixes