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Moving Average Cloud Demo

This is a Demo version that work only on EURUSD, one-hour  chart with full functionality.

Why demo version

  • Try before you buy on live charts, without the MT4 Tester restrictions.
  • Try Mobile Notifications and email service.
  • Try all indicator color lists.

About MAC

This is an indicator designed to help you capture and trade the trend. The idea behind this indicator can be explained in the next steps:

  1. Draw a fast-moving average Envelope.
  2. Draw a slow-moving average Envelope.
  3. The MAC Upper Band is the highest value between the high of both Envelopes.
  4. The MAC Lower Band is the lowest value between the low of both Envelopes.
  5. The MAC Histogram Cloud fills the distance between two bands to show you change in direction.
  6. Blue Cloud indicates the uptrend while Red Cloud indicates the downtrend.

MAC Features

  • MAC does not repaint or recalculate its results.
  • It works on cryptocurrencies, stock, index, oil, gold and all Forex pairs
  • It works on all time frames from the one minute until the monthly charts.
  • Sound, email alerts and Mobile Notification.
  • Buy, sell arrows to help to identifying trend signals.
  • Well-designed parameters to help the user easily navigate between them.
  • Buffer to build your own expert advisors.
  • Four different color lists to choose from.

I hope that MAC helps you with your trading. Please, contact me if you have any questions. I wish you good trading.

Enjoy the game
Muhammad Al Bermaui, CMT

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Version 2.2 2020.07.16
Welcome to MAC Demo version 2.2:
1) I have enhanced the alert and notifications to work better with the MT4 system tester.
2) The "MAC Cloud Width" now changes automatically depending on the chart scale.
I didn't make any changes to the MAC's basic formula. It is still the same.
This version works only on [ EURUSD ] [ One Hour Chart ].