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Pips Sniper Pro

Pips Sniper Pro

Please read these instructions carefully before to test it on the tester. The default set file is suitable for EURUSD M15. Make sure that you have enough history to test.
If you don't feel at ease with testing, you can watch the video it will show you the test of EURUSD M15.

Pips Sniper Pro is an advanced trading tool; trend indicator based on Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) and Linear Regression (LRMA) on three different timeframes.

  • Adjustable to generate every kind of trading opportunities like long position trading or intraday scalping trades.
  • PSP is not lagging
  • Indications are given at the beginning of a new candle. 

PSP indicates

  • The Indicator's window shows you the actual count of S and R to get the overall trend
  • The white line shows the instant trend.
  • On the main chart window, colored arrows are displayed to show the last valid S and R. This also helps to see the trend.

PSP works

  • From M1 to D1
  • With any instrument
  • With any broker

PSP features

  • Advanced Statistics. 
  • Trade opportunity arrows easy to follow.
  • OnChart profit graph to check profit curve.
  • Potential pips counting.

How to use PSP

Very easy to set up...

  • Put it on your chart
  • Adjust inputs according to the statistics and profit graph.
  • Follow the Arrows.

Good to know

  • On the settings, avoid to set Timeframes faster than the one selelected for the chart.
  • If you plan to use arrows as Trade indicators (which I don't recommend) best is to use very small lots for each trade (1% risk is far enough)


  • Moving Average 1 Settings
    1. Time Frame [Enum Time Frames]= Select the Time Frame of the first Moving Average. Best is to set the slower one here like D1 for example
    2. Period [Integer] = First MA Period from 2 to ...
    3. Shift [Integer] = Ma Shift, from 0 to ...
    4. Method [Enum MA Method] = Select the MA Method you wish, Exponential is more reactive.
    5. Applied Price [Enum MA Price] = Price type for MA calculation, PriceClose is quite usual
  • Moving Average 2 Settings
    • Same as Moving Average 1 settings, select here a faster TF than for first one. 
  • Moving Average 3 Settings
    • Same as Moving Average 2 settings, select here a faster TF than for second one, or the same as the chart.
  • Linear Regression Moving Average Settings
    1. LRMA Period [Integer] = Select here the Period for LRMA
  • Pips & Colors Settings
    1. Show Pips or Not ? [bool] True will show Pips count,  False will hide.
    2. Positive Pips color [Color] Defines the color of Won trades pips count.
    3. Negative Pips Color  [Color] Defines the color of Lost trades pips count.
    4. Daily Positive Pips color [Color] Defines the color of Daily Won pips count.
    5. Daily Negative Pips Color  [Color] Defines the color of Daily Lost pips count.
    • Spread Settings
      1. Use Current Spread ? [Bool] True will use current instrument spread to calculate Pips profit. False will use the value from next input.
      2. If not used, enter your average value [Double] = enter the spread value you wish to use.
      • Alerts Settings
        1. Enable Push [Bool] True will send Push messages.
        2. Enable Mail [Bool] True will send Mail messages.
        3. Enable Sound [Bool] True will play a sound at each notification.
        4. Enable Popup Window [Bool] True will show a popup window for each event.


        • BUY: Buy trade running till it's over. 
        • SELL: Sell trade running till it's over. 
        • PBUY: Beginning of a new trade Buy
        • PSELL: Beginning of a new trade Sell

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        Sujeet Kumar
        Sujeet Kumar 2020.08.08 16:50   

        there are many bugs in indicator, not as claimed what you see is what you get.

        Version 1.1 2020.04.23
        Alerts updated