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Midas Fincone

EA Midas is a multicurrency trading adviser that uses copyright indicators in its work to determine the direction of a trend.

 Indicators determine periods of low volatility and enter based on their indicators.

 The EA does not work counter-trend (which may increase the risk of closing the transaction at a loss)

 The adviser opens trades already in the established trend already in the continuation of the trend.

 The adviser contains Fibonacci Levels to more accurately determine the entry point.


  Easy to use, does not overload the schedule with unnecessary information;

  Ability to use as a filter for any strategy;

  Works on the stock market, indices, oil, gold and on all timeframes;

  System without loss

  Trailing stop

  Minimum deposit 100 $ Recommended broker!

  The conditions of the broker are not important for the adviser (spread, swap, slippage)

  The EA works on time frames from m5 to d1.

 General settings:

 Entrance to the NNN candle after the entry signal

 Lot (0- auto Lot included)

 Risk for auto lot

 Take profit

 Stop loss

 Magic number


 Commentary on the order

 Break-even settings (BU)

 Installation of control unit (0- Not used)

 Where do we install the control unit?

 Trailing Stop Setting

 Start of trailing (0 - not used)

 Distance from trailing price

 Step Trailing Stop

VPS server

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