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Uni Trail Companion Free


Order management utility Uni Trail Companion - a universal trailing stop utility tool to use with expert advisers that lack trailing stop or with your manual orders to quickly apply trailing stop to them.

This utility can work on multiple symbols at once from one chart only or it can be used on a single chart. Recognize orders from symbols only or from magic number and symbol.

Limited version - Works only on AudNzd

Unlimited paid version https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/46758


  • Simulator orders launched if tested in strategy tester - fully adjustable to test this utility
  • Fixed or dynamic trailing stop
  • Fixed or dynamic break even
  • Trail orders by symbols recognition
  • Trail orders by magic number and symbols recognition


  • Tester orders - Lots size, stop loss and take profit - fully adjustable
  • Print journal events - Log events in experts journal
  • Chart comments - Show/hide chart comments
  • Working symbols - Set desired symbols to monitor (no need to use this in strategy tester)
  • Symbol prefix - Set symbol prefix if any (no need to use this in strategy tester)
  • Symbol suffix - Set symbol suffix if any (no need to use this in strategy tester)
  • Trailing stop mode - Fixed or dynamic trailing
  • Work by symbols or by symbols and magic - Set desired order recognition
  • Magic ID# - Set order identifier number ( used only with SYMBOL_MAGIC mode)
  • Trailing stop size in pips - Set desired fixed trailing stop level size in pips
  • ATR working time frame - Dynamic trailing stop ATR working time frame 
  • ATR period - Dynamic trailing stop ATR period
  • ATR trailing stop multiplier - Dynamic trailing stop ATR factor multiplier
  • Use break even - Enable/disable break even
  • Break even mode - Fixed or dynamic
  • ATR working time frame - Dynamic break even ATR working time frame 
  • ATR period - Dynamic break even ATR period
  • ATR break even start multiplier - Dynamic break even start level ATR factor multiplier
  • ATR break even step multiplier - Dynamic break even step level ATR factor multiplier (minimum profit lock)


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Version 1.4 2020.08.15
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1: A tiny pointer bug fix
Version 1.3 2020.06.03
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1: Version jump to match paid Product
Version 1.1 2020.03.28
This version;
1: ATR and dashboard fix