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All Channels MT5

All Channels Indicator is All-In-One Indicator with powerful calculation engine. Indicator contain 4 different and usual method for finding channels on market. Indicator is powered by visual interface and with various selections of alerts and notifications.

Using Indicator :

  • Display 4 Types of Channels on chart : Linear, Spiral, Weekly, Monthly
  • The Indicator is very simple and without complicated input parameters. (No need to optimize anything.)
  • Channels will be shown on chart with ability to enable or disable any one. All colors and line types are customizable.
  • You can use the indicator on any timeframe and any symbols.
  • Wide Range of Alert/Notification options
  • Visual location of price in the channel
  • Overall Channel Display (Average of Selected Channels)

Inputs of Indicator :

  • Linear Channel Period
  • Spiral Channel Fast Period
  • Spiral Channel Slow Period
  • Weekly Channel Period
  • Monthly Channel Period
  • Show Linear Channel
  • Show Spiral Channel
  • Show Weekly Channel
  • Show Monthly Channel
  • Show Panel On Chart
  • Alert When Closed Candle Cross Lines
  • Alert On Breakout
  • Alert On Overall Breakout 0%,50%,100%
  • Send Notification When Closed Candle Cross Lines
  • Send Notification On Breakout
  • Send Notification On Overall Breakout 0%,50%,100%
  • Minutes to Wait Between Breakout Alerts/Notifications

Shortcut Group is ready to help you about using the Indicator, Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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