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Crystal EA

Crystal EA is a fully automatic advisor for intraday trading based on the artificial intelligence algorithm.

The expert was trained on 6 popular currency pairs, using the most advanced and new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. At the heart of the expert is the LSTM cell (neural layer with memory) and the learning algorithm A3C .

Crystal EA in standard mode  does not use dangerous strategies - martingale, a grid of orders and averaging. One deal is always open, and SL, TP is installed.

Also, additional modes of  averaging and managing an increased lot after unprofitable strategies have been  implemented and tested  .

The user can very easily customize the trading for himself.

The peculiarity of the system is that the neural network itself selects the optimal settings, and also calculates Stop Loss, Take Profit and Lot, depending on the situation on the market.

The expert trades according to stable patterns in the market identified during training.

All weights for each currency pair are already written in the expert code for more convenient use, so the EA file will be large, a system with at least 1 GB of RAM is also recommended - since LSTM technology is very demanding on system resources. Each currency pair is trained and tested on forward tests and on real trading.

Trading recommendations:

  • Recommended time frame is M30 .
  • Recommended pairs are EURUSD , USDCAD , GBPUSD , AUDUSD , NZDUSD , USDCHF .
  • Recommended account type with 5-digit quotes.


  • auto_lot - this parameter allows you to automatically calculate the lot from the risk parameters in the transaction and from the deposit.
  • Lot - this parameter sets the lot size when the auto_lot parameter is disabled.
  • PercentOfRisk - this parameter sets the amount of risk in a transaction from a deposit and SL. (in percents)
  • Slippage - this parameter sets the allowable slippage.
  • manual - this parameter enables manual control with rendering and signals for entering trades.
  • auto_detect_settings - this parameter enables the mode of determining a currency pair in automatic mode and setting the optimal settings.
  • symbol - this parameter sets the currency pair in manual mode if auto_detect_settings does not work.
  • mode_mult - this parameter enables the mode of increasing the lot after a failed transaction.
  • lot_mn - lot multiplier of the next order.
  • lot_max - maximum lot after which the order volume does not increase.
  • mode_martin - martingale mode.
  • lot_MN - lot of the initial order.
  • TP_MN - Take Profit of the initial order.
  • mn_lot - lot multiplier of the next order.
  • step - step in points between orders.
  • UseTrailing - this parameter enables the dynamic Stop Loss mode (trailing stop).
  • TrailingStopBegin - the number of points from the opening price to start a trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep - step of the trailing stop.
This EA has many built-in automatic functions, and fine tuning can affect trading, so the most basic settings are made for changes. At the moment, other functions are being tested and the EA will only develop potential. I am always ready to discuss interesting ideas and suggestions, as well as help on any issues. Thanks.

negatory 2020.04.02 12:10 

Ive started a telegram group to discuss about this EA at https://t.me/crystalea

At the moment i put 5 star, will evaluate rating after a few weeks.

Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2020.03.06 23:08 

Пока вся торговля в минус.

tattila 2020.03.01 20:54 

Super EA and support!

Version 1.42 2020.04.02
1) data emission control
2) added softmax layer
3) input data changed
4) training on Price action patterns
5) data normalization is changed
Version 1.31 2020.03.25
1) trained all 6 pairs with the Adam optimizer
2) added market volatility check
Version 1.21 2020.03.16
1) fixed auto lot error for sell orders
2) the currency pair EURUSD is retrained
Version 1.2 2020.03.15
1) the architecture of the neural network is changed
2) added filter layer
3) training error fixed
4) added verification of strong market volatility
5) SL and TP calculation mode added by the second neural network

1) do not use the Risk parameter of more than 5%
2) use trailing stop
Version 1.1 2020.03.09
1) the architecture of the main neural network is changed.
2) added an additional neural network for filtering the quality of transactions.
3) fixed a bug in the info panel.
4) added fixed Take profit Stop loss