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Please contact the author before testing

Auxiliary EA live signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/710022

Only 10 copie s will be sold - 

PROMOTION PRICE: Only $ 200 for 1 copies (Next price: $ 225 )

15-year 90% back test

5-year 99.90% back test



Advanced market entry filter;

Money management module;

High spread protection;

Slip Protection;

Does not use indicator.

Recommended initial deposit: 100 usd

Special SL for each order

Secure earnings with proven special strategy

Caution: only works with VPS

Does not use dangerous strategies such as martingale, grid, hedge

Managed by the author's special strategy

Please contact the author for the set files

Recommended broker: low spread STP and NDD broker recommended

A low latency VPS is always recommended.(max 20ms)


Beta:1 or 2 (Recommendation: 1)

PeterSwaby 2020.03.30 16:53 

This is junk. Don't buy it, it will wipe your account. pm me for an independent 10 year back test.

Kashta 2020.03.05 10:46 

This algorithm is very powerful . Author is unique. He knows very well the world of trading and brokers. We feel the experience. He will accompany you until success which is very rare. The support is very responsive and efficient. I have never seen this on mql5 yet. Believe me this team is the best. You do not regret . If I could give 6 stars it would not be enough.

Lee Wai Chong
Lee Wai Chong 2020.03.03 17:28 

Very friendly author. This is a great EA and making money for me. :)

Jozsef Regenye
Jozsef Regenye 2020.03.02 17:36 

Great EA and super easy to use. I have tried a few systems and robots over the years but this one is by far the best. It took only a couple of minutes to set up and there was a signal right away. I liked that there are no fiddly settings for all kinds of things. So many robots have about a hundred different settings and you never know if you have it set up correctly. But this system is very much install and go!! The support from the author is also unbelievable. Highly recommended!

Uwe Peters
Uwe Peters 2020.02.22 10:15 

One of the best and communicative Authors available at mql5. If you decide to buy this gem he will help to suit settings to your own broker. I am using icmarkets. Fine results which match his signal 1:1. In comparison watch my signal. This ea is highly recommended. Buy it as fast as you can because only limited copies are being sold. This also proves how professional this author is. He knows all the little tricks of brokers and how to avoid being trapped in them. So get your copy, lean back and enjoy the show. You won´t regret it. Winning rate for 2 weeks now: 100 percent. Any more questions?

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