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Rich Monitor

Data shown by the Expert Advisor helps in trading decision making. Before opening a position, the risked amount of the planned stop level can be seen in the deposit currency. Similarly, the expected result can also be seen just as the ratio of "Risk Reward".

The actual risk of the open position can be followed on the chart, while other charts show the sum of open positions. Expected risk of pending orders is also visible.

Input Parameters

  • Font name
  • Font size
  • Title color
  • Label color
  • Text color
  • Alert color
  • Display Font and Color
  • Basic Lot size
  • Refresh second
  • Display ON/OFF - line display can be turned on and off
  • Display ATR setup - period and timeframe of ATR indicator
  • Display PSAR setup - parameters and timeframe of PSAR indicator
  • Session view setup - place, number, color and style of Timelines displayed on the chart
  • SL view setup - color and style of Stop Line
  • TP view setup - color and style of Target Profit
  • Bar remaining time - color and style of bar remaining time
  • Display Label text setup - texts displayed on chart can be changed (translated to other language)
  • Template setup - favourite chart settings can be saved in the Expert Advisor

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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