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Mega Scalper

Mega Scalper is an automated Expert Advisor that using the Special Scalping Strategies. It learns market by itself with many complex AI algorithms
The EA is great for every pairs with GBP and JPY
- Does not use dangerous trading methods in trading, which lead to a sharp loss of the entire Deposit like Martingale, Grid, Arbitrage, etc.);
- Every trade has it's  Stop Loss and Take Profit is optimized by the EA
- Scalping, learns market and Trending detection 

- The best pairs we should trade: GbpUsd GbpJpy EURJPY UsdJpy
- The best Timeframes: M1
- Config files: Just default settings
- Brokers: Every broker, but we cann't test on all of those. We have trade on: Tickmill ICMarkets NordFx

- Allow Trading : Allow Trading or Not
- Magic number : Unique magic number
- Comment on trades : Comment
- Mega Scalper
- Auto lots : Lot size to entry (per 1000)
- Valid Spreads : Will not trade if spread greater this level
- Slippage : Max Slippage
- Max lots : Max lots to trade
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