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SmartTrailing and ignor stopLevels

This robot uses virtual orders. TP and SL both standard and virtual. This allows you to completely ignore stop levels, which makes this bot a unique tool for intensive scalping. The same robot can be successfully used for medium and long-term trading.
Virtual TP and SL are installed automatically if the stop-level does not allow them to be installed normally. GUI allows you to install virtual TP and SL manually at a distance of 1p. under any circumstances.
Drawdown is controlled by LossTP and / or SL.
The robot can be successfully used both for independent trading in a semi-automatic mode, and for tracking deals opened by another robot or manually.
The robot is addressed to experienced traders. This is a tool of a trader, in capable hands it brings a decent profit. If you are a beginner, upload the robot to the tester and learn to trade. In the tester, the robot does the same thing as in real trading.
Monitoring trading on a live account: " Virtual vs Exness


GUI - Graphical Interface
FirstDeal, MinBuy, MaxSell - the lowest one for Buy or the highest one for Sell.
NextDeals, NextBuy, NextSell - the deals following FirstDeal.
TP - TakeProfit
SL - StopLoss
LossTP - if LossTP> 0, then the TP of the most loss-making order moves behind the price at the LossTP distance. The losing trade is closed on a rollback. This significantly reduces losses.


  • Virtual SL can only be used for trailing, it does not close losing trades.
  • For testing in the settings, you can set an arbitrary value of Comission and StopLevel;
  • During testing, virtual LossTP is installed.It can be moved and deleted. In real trading, a standard TP is installed.
  • StopLoss is installed by modification.This allows you to set StopLoss at any time by changing its value to the GUI.
  • In real trading, after changing the input parameters, click the Reset button

Double trailing stop - by distance and by level. Trailing over a distance with a dynamically changing distance works on fast movement.Level trailing guards U-turns. As soon as the movement begins to slow down, the levels tighten SL. This reduces potential loss of profit.Separate trailing options for FirstDeal and NextDeals. Separate switches for both types of trailing.
Trailingstop takes into account the commission. The commission distance is indicated on the chart by dashed line segments.

The GUI allows you to constantly monitor and instantly change settings, as well as set various values ​​for trailing parameters, TP / SL distances, transaction volumes, etc. for Buy and Sell.

The robot sets orders in the allowed direction at the distance specified in the settings. Orders are pulled up after the price with the step specified in the settings. There is also an interface for manually placing orders. Orders, as well as virtual TP and SL, can be selected / moved both in real trading and in the tester.
To delete a manually placed order or virtual TP / SL, just select / delete the corresponding line.

If Digits=3 or Digits=5, the distance values ​​are automatically multiplied by 10, for other Digits, the distance values ​​are applied “as is” (automatic switching of 2/3 and 4/5 digits).

Input parameters

  • Buy_ON
  • Sell_ON
  • Distance
  • MoveStep - step to move the order
  • Lots
  • TakeProfit
  • LossTP - unprofitable TP, closes a deal on a rollback
  • Stoploss
  • Trailing_Step - move step trailing-SL
  • DistanceTrailing_ON - distance trailing switch
  • FirstTrailingStart - distance to start trailing by distance
  • Base TrDistance - "soft trailing" start distance
  • Next TrDistance - distance for NextDeals
  • LevelsTrailing_ON - level trailing switch
  • Lev1_TF, Lev2_TF - TF level trailing
  • Lev1. Number of bars - number of bars for FirstDeal trailing levels
  • Lev1_NoLoss. Number of bars - the number of bars for the levels of fixing breakeven FirstDeal
  • First TrailingDistance - Distance from level to SL for FirstDeal
  • SecondLev. Number of bars - same for NextDeals
  • Next TrailingDistance - same for NextDeals

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Version 2.0 2020.01.18
According to the results of weekly trading on a live account, "Virtual vs Exness" https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/685690 made the following improvements:
1. Eliminated the closing bug of deals with zero profit if TakeProfit = 0, and StopLevel> 0
2. Made an automatic increase in the initial distance "25" when manually placing an order and manually setting TP / SL.
For couples with XAU, ZAR, MXN and TRY, the distance is multiplied by 10, for couples with DKK, SEK and NOK distance is multiplied by 5.
Trading on these pairs requires significantly greater distances. Made to prevent accidental opening deals and / or accidental installation of TP / SL.
I remind you: when manually placing orders or virtual TP / SL orders, you must first click appropriate button, then select and move the order-line to the desired level.
Modified the values ​​entered in the windows for manual placement of orders or TP / SL orders are saved when changing
timeframe chart. When the terminal is rebooted, the initial value is again set to 25.
3. The algorithm for installing TakeProfit virtual orders has been changed.
If there are open transactions and the distance of the virtual TakeProfit is changing, then a new TP is installed
regarding Ask or Bid in the event that such a distance may lead to immediate closure
deals. After the virtual TP is installed in this way, its line can be distinguished and
move to the desired level.
4. Added SL_Combine function.
If trailing is enabled and SL_Combine = true, then the function combines SL profit and loss trades on
one level. This requires the presence of at least 2 transactions (1 profit and at least 1 potentially
unprofitable). The profit saved by the trailing should be 2 times the potential loss.
If the combination has occurred, then the percentage of possible losses of profit will be displayed in one of the "Prof-Loss Ratio" windows.
5. Changed the design of the information panel (button "info"). Improved readability of headers, refined tooltips texts, new ones added.
Added a line displaying information about Swap in pips and dollars for a volume of 1 lot.
Calculator made allowing you to calculate the swap amount for an arbitrary volume.