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This Indicator shows strategy parameters of your system: percent of win, reward/risk, normal reward/risk, deviation.

Colored line description:

  • Blue line - Displays strategy total positions won percent that calculate total number of positives trade divided by the total number of all positions (profitable and loss trades).
  • Green line - The total Reward/Risk in pips that you have traded.
  • White line - The total Reward/Risk that you must have in your account until the break even state. It means that your profit is zero (calculated from strategy line).
  • Yellow line - The total Reward/Risk that calculate based on your account deposit currency. For example this parameter display deviation of Reward/Risk in pip and Reward/Risk in dollar if your account currency is dollar.

Indicator Parameters:

  • ShowDeviation - Can be true or false to show/hide deviation line.
  • FromDate - Enter date as a string to select a part of account history. If value is empty, the indicator shows all data.
  • Currency - If you enter a currency pair, will show only profit and loss of this currency. If value is empty, will show all currencies.
  • MagicNo - If you use magic number (some EAs use magic number for trade) you will see only this trade profit and loss.
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Version 1.37 - 2015.11.13
The indicator worked very slowly, and at this version last error is corrected.
Version 1.36 - 2015.11.12
Correct some error and bugs.
Version 1.31 - 2014.11.20
Fixed error: if you hide a currency in market watch, the indicator could not show the statement of that currency.
Version 1.30 - 2014.06.16
The version 1.3 corrected some problem and all line graph set for 0 to 100 percent.