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This development is a scalping system. It is enough to optimize Engineer once, for example, in a month. After that, he shows excellent results on the forward period (several times larger), which can be seen in the screenshots.

It is ideal to use a broker with a floating spread of 6 pips. Such brokers are on the market. In those moments when the spread will be lower than the one set during optimization (for example, you will set 10-14 pips), then when a signal appears at this moment, you can expect an input. That is, in reality, the inputs will be less frequent than with ideal tester indicators.

You need to optimize all the parameters:

  • Magic - an ordinary parameter, a magic number.
  • Risk - risk (volume is calculated from the balance sheet);
  • Lot - position volume;
  • LotDigits - lot accuracy;
  • MaxSpread - spread restriction (if this field is less than the real spread, the expert will not enter the market).
  • TakeProfit - take profit;
  • StopLoss - stop loss;
  • TrailingStart - after how many pips a trailing stop will turn on.
  • Commission - an important parameter (like the spread) for those accounts in which the commission is used. It is necessary to set this parameter so that it is taken into account during optimization and operation. You need to pick it up by recounting the commission for pips and set the indicator in pips as an addition to the spread.
  • Slippage - level of maximum slippage.
  • VolatilityMultiplier is an important parameter that allows you to place an order only if the volatility is higher than this relative parameter (the higher the parameter, the more active price movements will be necessary to enter the market).
  • VolatilityPercentageLimit - the parameter is set as a percentage. it indicates that the order will be placed if the ratio of real volatility to the selected Multiplier parameter is greater than the specified value in percent.
  • OrderExpireSeconds - pending order lifetime in milliseconds;
  • MaxExecutionMinutes - the maximum lifetime of a pending order in milliseconds;
  • MinStopsLevel - set the "StopsLevel" level yourself;
  • MinFreezeLevel - set the level of "FreezeLevel" yourself;
You need to trade on timeframes M1-M15. An expert created to trade on any instrument. It is preferable to test the adviser with a broker with five-digit quotes, and even better on the MetaQuotes-Demo server. It is recommended to work on liquid forex pairs with a low spread and use VPS. You can start using it with $ 100 and a lot of 0.01.

The lower the commission and spread, the greater the profit. The more your broker has in total with the Internet channel delay, the greater you need to set stop loss, take profit and trailing start, so that the server can process them at the right price, because the tester performs requests without delay. During testing, the spread can be adjusted in the tester. The main task is to find a broker offering low spreads. When testing, use only all ticks.
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