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Channel Trader

Scalper Robot built to work with GBPUSD but it can obtain good results also with EURUSD, XAUUSD and USDJPY.

Frequency: about 3/4 trading per week.

It's a "channel follower" with adjustable profit and trailing stop option,

It can be customized to work with other pairs and work as "event-trade".

Martingale with adjustable distance from open position and profit to close all positions.

In case of drawdown the EA will open a position in the same direction at the distance specified in Pipstep parameter, and it will manage all position opened.

Once a desired profit (Profitto_pareggio) is reached, it will close all positions. 

  • risk - it works only if Lot is 0.0 (Autolot). 10 means 10% of account.
  • Magic - Magic number for orders opened by EA.
  • Magic_Pyramid - for martingale orders. It has to differ from Magic.
  • Trail_active - if true EA will manage orders with a trailingstop.
  • Lot - put 0.0 in order to have autolot (EA will calculate automatically lot size basing on free assets and risk parameter).
  • TrailingStop - 30 means 3 pips (Only if active).
  • Slippage - slippage! Change it only in case broker has a big spread (not recommended).
  • Pipstep - 100 is optimized with GBPUSD (martingale).
  • Profitto_pareggio - desired profit for martingale (in case of drawdown).
  • GMT_Offset - 25 means autoGMT offset detecting (for backtesting put GMT offset of the broker).
  • delta - 100 is optimized for GBPUSD.
  • profitto - profit in pips (60 means 6 pips).
  • Sth - change if you want use this EA as event-trader.
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Version 1.32 2015.02.02
Version 1.32 includes updates to avoid trading during 2015 on low volume days.