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Mathematical Attack

We present you an expert system, which is a universal scalper. The expert system works with small spreads and on a fast Internet channel. Settings are quite simple and easy to adjust.

The Mathematical Attack expert system is a high-speed scalpel, and accordingly works with ticks, which must be taken into account when testing the system. The expert system works on all types of accounts: netting, hedging. The bot does not use the history stored in the database for work. For his own needs, he uploads historical data online, creating his own database. Also, the user needs to carry out optimization to achieve results in real tick mode on the tester.

Recommendations for work:
  • Any shoulder.
  • Broker with a small spread.
  • Currency preferably EURUSD.
  • Timeframe M1.
  • Be sure to set the parameter:  OnTimeLimit -> false.
  • It works with 5-digit quotes.
  • Set the tester settings as indicated in the screenshot!
The internal optimizer of the expert system, carry out the optimization according to the indicated principle, selects the settings that gave the best result, and enters the market with them, working until an indication for a new internal optimization comes. With the first set of poke history, the expert does NOT enter the market until the base is full. The next cycle of re-optimization of downtime is available, because the database is updated online and is always up to date. At the second stage, there is a direct entrance to the market with the introduction of the settings of the internal optimizer.

  • ORDER_TYPE_FILLIN - sets the order execution policy.
  • OnTimeLimit - Cancel time trading.
  • HourLimit - Trading restrictions at a specific time.
  • MinLimit - Trade restrictions by minute in hour.
  • Magic - sets the magic number.
  • Volume - sets the size of the lot to enter the market.
  • Money_Management - Calculates the lot depending on the deposit.
  • SpreadLimit - limits the spread (at which you can still enter the market).
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit.
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss.
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