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Double Ping Pong

Double Ping Pong can work simultaneously in two strategies, each of them simultaneously in two directions. Used by Martingale.

Can be customized for any instrument. TakeProfit and  Stop Loss are virtual.

Recommended deposit is 5000 USD. For some instruments, settings from 3000 USD are possible.


Recommended Broker  - Just Forex. https://justforexgo.com/?ref=430551

General recommendations

  • You can install the adviser at the same time on all currency pairs that were tested;
  • Optimization should be carried out separately for each strategy;
  • To get rebates, you can register here.
  • When installed on the chart, the first transaction opens at 00.00.

Description of input parameters

 The adviser works on both four- and five-digit quotes. In the input parameters we indicate the values ​​in points as for 4 characters.

  • Magic - magic number;
  • Strategy №1 Advisor Settings - settings for the first strategy;
  • Expert - enable / disable the first strategy (true - enable);
  • Lots - initial lot;
  • MaxLots - lot after which the second MultiplierLater is used;
  • TakeProfit - take profit in points;
  • StopLoss - stop loss in points;
  • Modification - reversal change step (recommended for currency pairs - 2, for other instruments - 1);
  • Multiplier - multiplier for increasing the lot (recommended at least 2.2);
  • MultiplierLater - the second multiplier for increasing the lot;
  • Strategy №2 Advisor Settings - settings for the second strategy;
  • Expert2 - enable / disable the second strategy (true - turning on);
  • Lots2 - initial lot;
  • MaxLots2 - lot after which the second MultiplierLater2 is used;
  • TakeProfit2 - take profit in points;
  • StopLoss2 - stop loss in points;
  • Multiplier2 - multiplier for increasing the lot (recommended at least 2.2);
  • MultiplierLater2 - the second multiplier for increasing the lot

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Version 1.11 2020.02.12
Fixed a bug when trading Commodities and indices.