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TripleEMA Free

TripleEMA_Free is the free version of the TripleEMA EA, using crossover of 15 exponential moving agerage, 25 exponential moving average, and 50 exponential moving average.

Unlike the paid version, the EA parameters cannot be changed, and are instead set to fixed values:

take profit: 400

stop loss: 400

trailing value: 110

short ema: 15

medium ema: 25

long ema: 50

the EA works on all parities, including commodities. However, for tailoring the parameters for each pair, I recommend the paid version of this EA, which is TripleEMA

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Version 2.0 2020.07.22
trailing stop update
added a new parameter named "timeframe"
chose it from the MQL5 predefined list (1 minute -> 1 month) and current. This was added to safeguard the EA from manual timeframe switching