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Trader Monitor

Trader Monitor is a convenient and flexibly customizable monitor of information about the current chart of the selected symbol. 


  • Current Symbol — currently selected character.
  • Timeframe — currently selected timeframe.
  • Broker Name— your broker's name.
  • Broker Time — broker time(can be differ from local time).
  • Local Time — your local time.
  • Until the close of the bar — time until the candle closes on this timeframe.
  • Swap Long — swap long position.
  • Swap Short — swap short position.
  • Volatility — Volatility on this timeframe for the Volatility period.
  • Spread — current spread.
  • Margin — Margin in the deposit currency calculated for the Base lot.
  • Pips price — Point price in deposit currency.
  • Base lot — Lot size for margin calculation.
  • Volatility period — Period for calculating volatility.
  • Font Size — font size of trader monitor information.
  • Font Color — font color of trader monitor information.
  • Cell Color — background color.

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