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Lucky Day EA


Expert adviser Lucky Day - I was inspired to create something that are based on only randomness, no indicators or any thing else. What if we let an adviser trade by random, entering the market randomly either buy or sell within a daily time span...

Lucky Day does exactly this - from a given entry hour start it's possible to choose interval of entries by hours. No stop loss, no take profit as the adviser closing an order by hour interval and randomly select a new buy or sell entry. Amount of trades/day vary by the choice of interval. All five weekdays have different entry hour start.

  • Fixed lots size 0.1 and can't be changed
  • Works only on H1 charts in trading mode
  • Any currency pair, any account type
  • Works only on real accounts in trading mode

Pros and cons

Ask your self - Is it your lucky day....or maybe not? Based on it's randomness you can never now. You can be extremely lucky one day and the other not, or simply no luck at all. Pretty much a game of luck......were losses and profit will play with your mind - It's a 'FREE' adviser....but do you have the guts to even try?


  • Interval - Choose interval between orders
  • Magic Number - Advisers unique order identification


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