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Wolf Fire

A professional expert system is based on the Parabolic Stop and Reverse system indicator. This indicator generates not bad signals! For the best diversification of capital, it is recommended to use a multi-currency mode of operation, in which 10 currencies are selected, the risk decreases by 10 times and the critical cut also decreases by 10 times. For optimization, you can use approximate opening prices (examples of a set for optimization are in the "Discussion").
The bot must be configured using optimization. The default setting is for EURUSD and for the type of account hedging. It is necessary to optimize the year and work a month.
Principle of operation
Each signal of the Parabolic SAR indicator appears on the market in the direction of approaching the indicator. When a signal appears in the other direction, a new position is also formed, which in turn is closing for the previous one (that is, the position is opened in parts and closed in parts). Thus, the expert is constantly moving for the price.

Expert System Parameters
  • Money_Management - risk for automatic lot calculation;
  • StopLoss - stop loss;
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit
  • SignalTF - period during which the indicator works;
  • StepSAR - Parabolic SAR parameter - step;
  • MaximumSAR - Parabolic SAR parameter - maximum;
  • SubLong - permission to close a long position;
  • SubShort - permission to close a short position;
  • AddLong - critical drawdown on a long position;
  • AddShort - critical drawdown in a short position;
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Version 1.1 2019.10.09