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Zetron NN MT5


Expert adviser Zetron NN MT5 - A double layer Neural Networks Forex robot based on Relative Strength Index and Money Flow Index indicators with virtual order management. In machine learning, the perceptron is an algorithm for supervised learning of binary classifiers. A binary classifier is a function which can decide whether or not an input, represented by a vector of numbers, belongs to some specific class. It is a type of linear classifier, i.e. a classification algorithm that makes its predictions based on a linear predictor function combining a set of weights with the feature vector.

There are eight (8) set of weights in Zetron NN MT5 that needs attention (supervised learning). These are the main inputs to focus on while optimizing. More over there's a virtual trailing stop system which monitor the order. These virtual inputs should be optimized after the eight weight inputs and hard stop or leave it completely off and let Zetron NN decide when to close the order with it's reversed signal detection system which in this case function as a take or stop to the order. This is not a scalper or intraday system, it's a medium-long term system and frequency of trades are less. 

Keep learning periods within (3-6 months). Optimization preferable on each tick modelling quality.

Default learning period EurUsd H1: 2019/04/15 - 2019/09/14

Re-optimization of when the results begin to get very unprofitable. The presence of losses means market has changed, and re-optimization is necessary. Presence of profits means there is no need of any re-optimization as Zetron NN MT5 still recognizes market patterns. This is not a self learning neural robot and requires your attention!

Don't know how to teach Zetron NN MT5? Read a simple fast guide HERE

Supported currency pair: EurUsd only!

Try before you buy! I offer a 14 day trial of this Product - unlimited demo accounts plus one real. Just send me a PM including your real account number


  • Virtual order management
  • No dangerous trading techniques such as hedging,martingale or any other
  • Hard stop loss - In case of a longer period of connection loss a hard stop protects your funds as virtual management or reversed order close system will not monitor the open order as they are only stored in the terminal and not at broker side if a loss of connection occur
  • Friday early close
  • Forced order close on Friday
  • Weekday manager - Monday - Friday On/off
  • Export order data to csv 
  • Money management
  • Pending/Market orders
  • Works on any currency pair and time frame (by supervised learning first)
  • Low initial deposit - $100/Symbol based on leverage 1:500
  • Support Hedge account only
Attention! Zetron NN MT5 needs to run 24/7 in order to work properly and this requires that you use a reliable vps. Use default settings only on  EurUsd H1


    • Show comment - Enable/disable comments field (always off in tester mode)
    • Retry count - In case of order close failure on reversed signal Zetron NN retry these # to close order again
    • Weekday trading filter - Weekday hour filter Monday - Friday
    • Forced close Friday stop - If enabled, and there is an open order in profit it will be forced closed at stop hour
    • Hard stop loss - In case of terminal connection loss to the broker server a hard stop serve to protect your funds
    • Set hard stop - Set desired hard stop to use in points (make sure it's greater then VR stop loss if it's used)
    • ADX filter - Trend strength entry filter
    • Slippage - Maximum slippage
    • Order type - Market/Pending stops
    • Distance - Distance from price(Pending)
    • Expiration - Pending expiration
    • Fixed lots size - MM=off always this lots size
    • Money management - On/off
    • Risk % - MM=on,risk percentage (1-2% recommended), dynamic lots size
    • Magic number - Advisers order ID number identifier
    • Weights 1-8 - inputs to linear prediction classes
    • Price type - Type of price to use in the perceptron
    • Time frame - Indicators working time frame
    • Use trailing stop - Enable/disable
    • Break even in points - Break even 
    • Step - Stop loss movement step in points
    • Profit trailing - Minimum profit of trailing stop in points

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