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TrendLine TSL

TrendLineTSL - trailing stop loss set by an arbitrary trend line. It is used to close deals by inclined support and resistance levels. Simply set the name of a necessary trend line and the type of the followed orders (buy or sell) in the Expert Advisor parameters and the robot starts following Stop Loss by this line.

Input Parameters

  • TrendLineName - trend line name.
  • OrdersType - followed deal type. Possible values (drop-down list):
    • NONE - not specified (default value);
    • BUYs - market buys;
    • SELLs - market sells.
  • UseSpread - consider/do not consider spread. Possible values (drop-down list):
    • true - consider that the spread is added to sell deals' stop loss price calculated by the trend line (default value);
    • false - do not consider.
  • EALanguage - Expert Advisor language. Possible values (drop-down list):
    • EN - English (default);
    • RU - Russian.
Attention! The product is designed to operate in real time, as it does not open deals but only tracks them.
Special operation mode is provided for the tester: every time there are no open deals, a deal of the type set in the product parameters is opened. Besides, the utility works in the tester only if visual testing is used. Otherwise, a user cannot apply a necessary trend line to the chart window.
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