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NeuralMACD is the most advanced expert advisor that combines the power of artificial intelligence, and MACD indicator, requiring minimum user input

The minimum recommended deposit for this EA is 100$ with 0.01 trading volume

recommended currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY

EA Parameters

volume - set the trading volume manualy. by default set as 0.01 lots

EA Parameters added on 2.0 update

tp_value - take profit value in pips. is enabled only when fully_ai is disabled
sl_value - stop loss value in pips. is enabled only when fully_ai is disabled
tl_value - trailing stop value in pips. valid only when trailing_stop is set as true
trailing_stop - false by default, set it on true to enable trailing stop
fully_ai - by default set as true. set it on false to enable take profit, stop loss and trailing stop.

EA Parameters added on 2.1 update

open_trades_limit : set the limit for open trades at any time. by default set as 0 (no open trades limit). e.g. if you want a maximum of 5 trades opened at any time, set it as 5


Keep your expert advisor updated to the latest version, hence this EA will be updated every two months

Whishing you successfull trading,

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Version 3.0 2020.06.23
updated the neural network.
Version 2.1 2019.12.27
added limit to the number of open trades at any time. the parameter is called open_trades_limit. 0 is default value - no limits.
e.g. if open_trades_limit is set as 2, at any time, the EA will have opened a maximum of 2 trades
Version 2.0 2019.12.26
added take profit, stop loss, and trailing stop.
for using this newly added parameter, set fully_ai parameter as false
trailing stop can be enabled or disabled