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Virtual KillerTrade


Telegram Group:Find the link in my profile or contact me


Virtual Killer Trade is an exceptional EA which :

  • Guides you WHEN to open the FIRST trade.
  • After that an intelligent system starts to manage that trade and you do not have to worry when to close it neither when you must open a second or third etc one !!!

Attach the EA, wait for the signal,open the trade and then go to sleep !!!

FOR more experienced traders,you do not have to wait for a signal.Open the first trade when you believe and then leave the rest to the EA !


  • 5M and 15M TF is my recommendation.The EA can open trades in every TF,but it will manage it differently.
  • Any pair
  • 1000$ starting capital (You can start with less but for more experienced traders)


  • Overlap: By increasing it from 0 to higher the overlaping mechanism og closing positions will be activated when each open trade has more than 0$ loss.
  • TimeFrame:Set the minutes of the TF you use the EA.
  • LotsInitPanel:The starting lot of the MANUAL trade (one for sell one for buy).
    • Multiplier:The multiplier of the lotsize that opens the EA AFTER THE MANUAL,(One for sell ane for buy).
    • MaximumLot:The MAX  lotsize of the position the EA is allowed to open.(One for sell ane for buy)
    • Distance Grid:Min Distance between trades.
    • MaxBuys:Max Positions for buys.
    • MaxSells:Max Position for sells.

            Reviews 17
            Paulina Andrea Madariaga Figueroa

            Thank you Antonis! Good EA

            LEONARDO NOCERA 2021.01.03 01:52 

            Bought 1 year ago...never gave problems and always managed the position in profit. 5 STAR deserved to Mister Michos for this good EA.

            Lasse Michael Holm
            Lasse Michael Holm 2020.08.18 15:25 

            I really love this indicator so much! Great result.

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            The EA does not use Dangerous Methods: No mesh Without averaging No martingale No doubling Minimum deposit for trading 100$ Use accounts with a minimum spread The best timeframe to trade is H1,H4 Best trading pairs: XAUUSD,GBPUSD, EURUSD,USDCAD,NZDUSD,AUDUSD  Suggest Move_ Set Sl to: true , Other settings: default Activity price: 299, final price: 1500 Time options.  EA trades 24/7 by default. User may futher define which days of week and hours of day are tradable (" Nontradable hours, space-sep
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            One Click Trader is a tool designed for MetaTrader 4 platform, which enables you to take your trading to the next level. It enables you to open, manage and close your trades in simple an efficient way by just one click of your mouse button. Up arrow minimizes the OCT panel Down arrow maximizes the OCT panel Right arrow displays the next panel with additional features Left arrow hides the panel with additional features Red SELL button enables you to open short market orders Red SELL STOP button e
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            Felipe Camargo
            Amazing EA of correlations based on the breaking of all-time highs and lows Live Signal  https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/1734456 Promotion price, next cost $290 EA with two configurations, By Breaking levels and by PULLBCK using Fibonacci techniques, also one of its main strengths is combining   Hedging. This EA works for correlations. IMPORTANT: For tests use only the "only open prices" configuration, the EA works with open prices, better results put it to run live or demo. Example configuratio
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            This tool monitors your current Expert Advisors and manages stop losses and take profits. You can customize which EAs and/or which currencies to monitor. It is primarily meant for EAs that you feel manage stop losses and/or take profits poorly. If you want this tool to be able to monitor manual trades, please use '0' (zero) as the magic number. Supports hidden stoploss and take profit Supports ATR-calculated dynamic stoploss Supports Breakeven for individual trades Supports Trailing stop Lower r
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            Quantized Trend
            Oleg Pechenezhskiy
            This utility automatically draws the trend channel on the price chart. For the time interval from the specified date to the current bar, the drawn channel is almost optimal. Placing the beginning of the channel at a more distant historical price extremum, you get a visualization of a longer-term trend. Channel slope is not a continuous value, but takes one of discrete values (in AxB format, where A is the number of price points (points), and B is the number of timeframes). This program works ONL
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            Exp Swing
            Vladislav Andruschenko
            4.13 (32)
            It uses the model of a famous strategy called Swinger (Pendulum, Cheburashka) - alternate placing of pending orders with increased lot. The strategy lies in placing two opposite pending orders. When the price moves in a certain direction, one pending order is triggered, while the lot size of the other order is increased. The EA provides three types of opening pending orders (TypeofTrade) Auto-opening after placement (Instant opening AutoTrade) Opening and management after manual opening (Manu
            Partial Close MT4
            Ahmed Alaoui Chrifi
            This is a very simple, and easy-to-use Trade Manager with features like   Auto Partial Close, Auto Stop-loss, Breakeven. EA  closes a profitable position in partial closes when the price moves first in the direction of profits, and then comes back. EA monitors the position. If the price moves in the direction of profits, then ea establish the first level of rollback price at a distance. If the price continues to move in the direction of profits, this level of profit continues modifying this le
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            EA Arbitrage Mixed MT4
            Ruslan Pishun
            2.67 (3)
            Attention!!!   Do not try to test the EA in the Tester - it is simply impossible, because the EA opens positions on different 28 instruments. The tester is able to test only one pair. The EA uses 4 strategies, each strategy uses joint work on several currencies at the same time. The EA  uses 4 stages of control and order tracking for a step-by-step profit capture. Trading is carried out in a pair for several currencies at the same time, trading is also carried out in a group of several str
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            mFX-DealAnalyse: MT4-Dealhistorie automatisch in eine leicht auswertbare Datei im deutschen Zahlenformat umwandeln. Haben Sie schon einmal versucht, die Dealhistorie von MT4 in ein Tabellenkalkulationsprogramm wie Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets oder OpenOffice Calc zu überführen? Das ist unbedingt notwendig, um saubere und ausführliche Analysen durchzuführen, damit man aus der Vergangenheit lernen kann und seine eigenen Trading-Ansätze weiterentwickeln zu können. Allerdings gibt es dabei einig
            38 USD
            Robot Dream
            Serhii Bernatskyi
            Multicurrency Expert Advisor with 100% adaptation for any currency pair and timeframe. Based on the Smart Gread indicator. Very flexible setup allows you to get maximum profit. Profit from transactions is set manually in TakeProfit (standart 200 ). Lot size is set manually by Lot (standart = 1 lot). Each subsequent lot is increased by Kolen (standart 2 ). Maximum lot size MaxLot (standart 10 ). To disable the adviser, there are special functions: StopRightNow - all orders will c
            1 500 USD
            The professional utilities "Ichimoku Waves Meter" to analyse graphs using the correct interpretation of Ichimoku kinkōhyō! Is a graphic program that allows traders to quickly and easily measure the proportions between the indicated points on the price graph. This time and price indicator is a basic tool for analysing the chart according to the Ichimoku strategy on the MT4 platform. Using this tool allows an insightful and complete analysis of time waves as well as price waves in a very short t
            299 USD
            TimeFilter simple 4
            Andrej Nikitin
            1 (1)
            The indicator is an inter-week hourly filter. When executing trading operations, the indicator allows considering time features of each trading session. Permissive and restrictive filter intervals are set in string form. The used format is [first day]-[last day]:[first hour]-[last hour]. See the screenshots for examples. Parameters: Good Time for trade - intervals when trading is allowed. Bad Time for trade - intervals when trading is forbidden. time filter shift (hours) - hourly shift. percent
            30 USD
            RS Pro EA MT4
            Ariunbaatar Gunge Sersendemid
            The RS Pro EA is a robot that employs scalping breakout strategies. Monitoring:    https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1867189 MT5 VERSION:    https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/92983 REQUIREMENTS: 1. Trading pairs: EURUSD H1 2. Brokers:  Hedging ECN account, Low Spread, 0 StopsLevel(recommended, not required) MAIN VARIABLES SETTINGS AND DESCRIPTIONS: 1. Differences with order prices and reference price in points:     Recommend:(Depending on the broker, this value may be set slightly diff
            200 USD
            Never Give Up
            Hoi Chi Tsang
            MT4 Live Signal:    https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1496094?source=Site Main features l    A martingale strategy based on 3 low volatilily currencies (AUDNZD, EURGBP and USACAD) with different take profit settings. l    Use Stochastic and Moving Average as an entry. l    Use ATR to determine the pips steps of each order added. l    Include Breakeven setting to lower the maximum drawdown l    Risk Management: account stop loss in $2000 l    Solid live signal to monitor the real-time result Requ
            588 USD
            This EA helps to Close all Positions opened. It saves you the time of closing multiple positions manually. Parameters: Buy:  Close Buy Positions Only Sell:  Close Sell Positions Only Buy & Sell: Close Buy & Sell Positions Pending: Close Pending Orders More Advanced MT4 version available at:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93468?source=Unknown%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.mql5.com%2Fen%2Fmarket%2Fmy More Advanced MT5 version available at:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/93301?source=U
            The Arrow Scalper
            Fawwaz Abdulmantaser Salim Albaker
            Dear Friend..  I share with you this simple Expert Adviser .. it is full automatic  this Expert Adviser following the trend of the pair you install on or any stocks or indices , it is works like that: - when the trend on H4 chart show a start of up trend the expert will wait till the 15M & 1H charts show an up trend the EA will open a buy order directly , and do the same for down trend and open a sell order the buy or sell  order lot size and take profit and stop loss will measured manually  by
            Roman Zhitnik
            5 (2)
            The Expert Advisor is a risk manager helping users to control their trading. In the settings, it is possible to specify the parameters at which the risk manager force closes the opened trades and closes the terminal as well, if it is needed to prevent opening trades on emotions, which do not correspond to the trading strategy. Link to Version for MetaTrader 5  Risk Manager settings Check limit to close   - check the equity limit Limit to close   - equity limit that is taken into account Check d
            59 USD
            Tick Volume Chart
            Boris Sedov
            4.33 (3)
            Tick Volume Chart — fixed volume bars for MetaTrader 4 The utility creates charts on which each candle has a fixed tick volume. Data sampling is carried out not by time but by the tick volume. Each bar contains a given (fixed) tick volume. Tick volume can be adjusted by changing the value of the Volume parameter. You can apply indicators, Expert Advisors and scripts to the tick chart. You get a fully functional chart, on which you can work just as well as on a regular chart. In the process of wo
            30 USD
            Hamza Abdulkadir Adam
            This EA is recommended to traders who already had trading experience with expert advisers. EA is using martingale strategy and it is regulated by Martin_1 and Martin_2 multiplier settings. Automated trading: Your EA automates the trading process, taking the emotional and psychological factors out of the equation. Backtested: Your EA has been backtested over a period of time to ensure its reliability and stability. Easy to use: Your EA is user-friendly and easy to set up, even for beginner
            200 USD
            Automation for setting up Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Positions can be opened with all platforms MetaTrader 4 MetaTrader Android MetaTrader iOS MT4 Web Trader The Expert Advisor will arrange Trailing of trades Market Execution Pending Order (Buy Stop, But Limit, Sell Stop, Sell Limit) Input Parameters (all in pips) Take Profit - take profit value. Stop Loss - stop loss value. Trailing Start - trailing start. Trailing Step - trailing step/stop. Lock Start - lock start (first time traili
            Climbing Scalper
            Liudmyla Bochkarova
            4.25 (8)
            Climbing Scalper EA is a night scalper that trades during the calmest periods of the market. During this period the markets usually fluctuate and the advisor will trade within these ranges. Each trade will have an initial stop loss and take profit, but the EA also uses advanced stop loss management algorithms that will assess the strength of the trades. 8 copy left at 399, next price 499 Buy this EA, post a feedback and get  Golden Future  for free The advisor works on all pairs with a stable s
            399 USD
            H4 GBPUSD Trend Scalper is a trend signal scalper The EA trades according to the trend strategy using original built-in indicator for opening and closing orders. The external inputs for limiting trading on Fridays and Mondays are available. The purpose of the strategy is to use the current trend with the most benefit. According to the results of testing and working on demo and real accounts, the best results achieved by using the Н4 timeframe on the GBP/USD pair Works on MetaTrader 4 Build 971+
            149 USD
            News Scalping Executor is an utility which helps to trade high impact and huge volatility   news . This utility helps to create two opposite orders with risk management and profit protection. It moves automatically stop loss level to avoid losses as much as possible by using many different algorithms. It helps to avoid trading the news if spread suddenly becomes very huge. It can lock profit by moving stop loss or partially closing of orders. To be profitable with this type of trading you sh
            150 USD
            Fox Scalper
            Yaseen Al Hashem
            5 (1)
            This is a scalper EA based on ZigZag and Moving Average indicators that used martingale strategy for trading. You have full risk management This EA does many trades per day as its method is clear The EA can work with any brokers: STP/ECN The EA can work with any pairs (recommended GBPUSD) The EA can work with any timeframes Inputs Risk – choose your risk between high and low Pip set – d istance between two orders Take Profits - m odify take profit as pips Stop loss - m odify stop loss as pips
            199 USD
            MagicHunter xauusd h1
            Raphael Schwietering
            Magic Hunter is a fully automated hedging robot that uses a very efficient breakout strategy, advanced money management and probabilistic analysis. Most effective in the price consolidation stages that occupy the bulk of the market time. Proven itself on real accounts with an excellent risk-to-reward ratio. Does not need forced optimization, which is the main factor of its reliability and guarantee of stable profit in the future. S uitable for both beginners and experienced traders.   Entry and
            499 USD
            Draft Wave
            Tatiana Savkevych
            Draft Wave is a strategy for working on the Forex market with a scalping base. The algorithm implies the execution of a trading operation in the shortest possible time. As a rule, this period of time is seconds and only sometimes limited to a few minutes. There is an opinion that scalping is for beginners. But in fact, it is wrong. In order to conduct a trading operation correctly and profitably, a trader needs to learn scalping, otherwise the result may be negative. That is why the use of
            555 USD
            This tool working You can buy or sell from the button of this tool, the lot size can be filled manually, as for the close all buy button to end all buy positions, close all sell button to end all sell positions, Close All profit button to end  All  profit position, Close All Loss button to end all loss position, Delete Pending button to delete all Pending order, close all orders to end all orders. The variable, you can use close all percent for close all orders when profit in percent, if close
            30 USD
            This Expert Advisor uses scalping as its main strategy based on a statistical model called Bollinger Band. It embedded with two exit market strategies called 1st and 2nd dagger. The 1st dagger exits on the mid line of the band and the 2nd dagger exits by trailing until the maximum profit. It is recommended to use both strategies to lower the risk since it would split the lot into half for each dagger. Recommended: M5/M15, EURAUD/GBPAUD, ECN account Please add the news link (http://ec.forexprosto
            2 000 USD
            #1  Copy Signals automatically from   Signals Copier Telegram to MT4   & Never miss a trade again FREE SIGNAL CHANEL:  https://t.me/redfox_daily_forex_signals Free BOT AUTO FORWARD TELEGRAM Messages:  https://t.me/Auto_Forward_Messages_Bot Pro Version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/71929 Pro Version MT5:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/90730 Time saving and fast execution Whether you’re traveling or sleeping, always know that Telegram To Mt4 performs the trades for y
            King Box Thor
            Nguyen Cong Hoan
            The product has a great combination of pending orders and trends to help investors manage capital effectively. The bot does not have a martingale, so it is always safe of capital. Run the D1 timeframe pairs. The main parameters can be installed: Lot -  Startot . Auto-Grid   -    ON/OFF AutoLot  - ON/OFF TP - Takeprofit   -pips. SL - StopLoss  - Pips. Magic -  Number magic. TralllingStop  - ON/OFF Comment  - KING Tralling - pips
            199 USD
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            Drag and Drop Trade Manager. Draw your entry and have the tool calculate the rest. Advanced targeting and close portions of a trade directly available in tool (manage trades while you sleep). Market order or limit order on either side with factored spread. Just draw the entry, the tool does the rest. Hotkey setup to make it simple. Draw where you want to enter, and the stop loss, the tool calculates all necessary risk with your desired % risk. Check out the video for a breakdown of how it looks
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            ATTENTION POWERFUL TOOL!!! If you are here, it is because you are curious about performing the Forex tool. The tool you on the real movement that Forex market, using real mathematical calculations based on the variation. Because Forex is math. CONTACT.  Math is not an opinion. Forex Tool execution is based on this very mathematical relationship that exists between various currency pairs. You will know in advance in the blink of an eye which currency pair you can focus on for maximu
            1 999 USD
            Unlimited Trade Copier Pro is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the signal
            299 USD
            News Trader Pro
            Vu Trung Kien
            4.38 (16)
            News Trader Pro is a unique robot that allows you to trade the news by your predefined strategy. It loads every piece of news from several popular Forex websites. You can choose any news and preset the strategy to trade it, and then News Trader Pro will trade that news by selected strategy automatically when the news comes. News release gives opportunity to have pips since the price usually has big move at that time. Now, with this tool, trading news becomes easier, more flexible and more exciti
            299 USD
            Custom Ultimate Sniper Dashboard MT4 Are you tired of missing out on profitable trades because you can't keep up with market movements? Look no further because the Custom Ultimate Sniper Dashboard is here to help. This EA upgrade to the original Ultimate Sniper Dashboard indicator is specifically designed for users of the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform, and it packs a punch with its impressive arsenal of 98 algorithms. These algorithms work together to accurately capture the true nature of a trend
            399 USD
            EA for Cycle Sniper Indicator This utility is designed to open/close auto trades according to the Cyle Sniper indicator's signals. Different entry rules  with various stop loss, take profit options can be applied. You will find the details in this blogpost.  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/749655 Some important issues are explained in the video. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. IMPORTANT NOTE: You can not test the full functions of the EA on the strategy t
            399 USD
            MT4 Strategy Builder
            Jacobus Van Schoor
            4.27 (15)
            MT4 Strategy Builder ('StratBuilder')   is a grid-trading order management utility which runs on the MT4 platform.   This product is also available on the MT5 platform:     https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/68858 It is strongly suggested that a virtual private server (VPS) be rented,  to allow StratBuilder to run 24/7. The unique StratBuilder   concept:   A basket of trades is opened at predetermined price levels (ring-fenced per symbol and trading direction) and profit taking occurs when
            340 USD
            Easy Strategy Builder
            Gheis Mohammadi
            5 (4)
            The  Easy Strategy Builder (ESB)  is a " Do It Yourself " solution that allows you to create a wide range of the automated trading strategies without any line of codes. This is the world’s easiest method to automate your strategies that can be used in STP, ECN and FIFO brokers. No drag and drop is needed. Just by set conditions of your trading strategy and change settings on desired values and let it work in your account. ESB has hundreds of modules to define unlimited possibilities of strategi
            299 USD
            Sergey Malysh
            5 (1)
            FiboPlusWave Series products Ready-made trading system based on Elliott waves and Fibonacci retracement levels . It is simple and affordable. Display of the marking of Elliott waves (main or alternative option) on the chart. Construction of horizontal levels, support and resistance lines, a channel. Superposition of Fibonacci levels on waves 1, 3, 5, A Alert system (on-screen, E-Mail, Push notifications).    Features: without delving into the Elliott wave theory, you can immediately open one of
            875 USD
            Supper Trading Assistant is a state-of-the-art system that has already stably used and generated profit for our funds for years. We respect imperfection, and there is no risk-free trading strategy in the financial markets. The Risk Master is designed as the heart of the system to manage account drawdown, optimize taking profit and smart stop loss trailing. The system can automatically preserve your profit by optimizing its allocation to future trades. Advanced statistics are applied to increase
            300 USD
            Copies transactions between MT4 terminals. Possibilities: quick copy start minimum processor load direct and reverse (reverse) copying. copying Take Profit and Stop Loss levels copying deferred and their changes copy transactions one to many copy trades many to one local copy only Attention: The product is designed for copying trades only within a single computer or VPS with access to the desktop. The product will not work on the built-in Virtual Hosting of the terminal. We will help you set up
            3 800 USD
            Unlimited Binary Options Copier Remote is a powerful tool to copy binary options trades remotely between multiple accounts at different locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his binary options trades with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to unlimited receivers and one receiver can get trade from unlimited providers as well. The provider can set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will no
            299 USD
            The Telegram Publisher Agent was designed to Publish all your trades as signals in your channel and group. All you have to do is provide the trades, the Telegram Publisher Agent will then do all the heavy lifting for you getting your trade signals out to your trading channels or groups with just a click of a button. The Telegram Publisher Agent accommodates 2 separate trading styles:   Binary Options, Forex Trading . if you want to get notifications about the EA add URL ( http://metatrader-apps
            299 USD
            Pairs Trade
            Oleg Pechenezhskiy
            The Pairs Trade indicator is a utility for semi-automatic pair trading. It allows combining the charts of two arbitrary instruments, even if the schedules of their trading sessions are different. It displays a spread chart in the form of a histogram with an overlaying moving average. It calculates the swap that will be charged for the synthetic position (in the deposit currency). It is possible to set a level for automatic opening of a synthetic position on the spread chart (analogous to the 'se
            360 USD
            Corporate Report
            Pavel Verveyko
            5 (1)
            The script displays info about the share's corporate reports and dividends. The data is downloaded from   investing.com : Report date Profit per share (EPS) Revenue Market capitalization Amount of dividends Date of payment of dividends Dividend income The product cannot be tested in the tester (since it is not possible to receive data from the Internet). Before launching:  Add 2   URL   https://ru.investing.com/earnings-calendar/Service/getCalendarFilteredData  and   https://ru.investing.com/
            275 USD
            This Stacker EA will: Automatically set Stop loss on a new order Automatically set Take profit on a new order Stack (or open up to 4 additional orders at the same time) when a new order is placed, the SL/TP can be preset individually for each order. Provides a transparent replacement for the standard 1-click trading buttons in MetaTrader 4 (1 click still works and SL/TP will automatically be set as well as Stacking). Automatically calculate lot order size according to preset risk management perc
            3 500 USD
            FXFledgling Exit Tool is a complete risk management tool that analyzes both the open trades and the direction of the pair of open trades. As long as the suggested entry and lotsizing management presented here is followed strictly, you will have a high chance (but no guarantee) of surviving the trade. What It Does It is used as an exit tool. It helps the trader to manage any manual trade that he transacted. It does the following: Trail Stop Dynamic Stop Loss - a calculated stop-loss that change
            300 USD
            Crypto Market Pro
            Daniil Kurmyshev
            5 (2)
            New opportunities for analyzing cryptocurrency in the usual MetaTrader 4. For example : We select the symbol of the cryptocurrency and attach any indicators, Expert Advisors or scripts. Startup Mode View cryptocurrency; Data collection. Capabilities Work as with a standard currency chart; Automatic update of open charts; Selection of individual cryptocurrency for updating; Selection of individual timeframes for updating; Work on the desired timeframes; Open charts do not affect the work of C
            499 USD
            FX Gambit
            Boyan Atanassov
            Zenner Trading Presents FX Gambit Streaming Live on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/rD9bCSxypio FX Gambit is an Adaptive, Market Neutral, Dual MT4 based Parallel Launch Automated Trading System, designed to respond to all directional combinations and permutations of the market, and still produce a Net Positive Outcome. There are 2 instances of MT4 with 2 charts in each. The LONG LEG of the HEDGE is in the left chart and the SHORT LEG on the right. The two MT4 instances exchange current market BI
            1 500 USD
            Fibonacci Expansion and Retracement Analysis Fibonacci retracing and extended line tools for the MT4 platform, ideal for traders who use the DiNapoli point trading method and the Golden Section trading The main function: 1. You can draw multiple sets of Fibonacci retracements directly, and the relationship between important return points is clear at a glance. 2. Can draw Fibonacci extensions 3. The Fibonacci foldback and extension of the line can be moved left and right for easy observ
            899 USD
            Советник риск-менеджер с огромным арсеналом возможностей защиты вашего депозита. Для инвесторов, которые решили передать капитал в доверительное управление. Когда у трейдера нет доступа к настройкам - нивелирует торговые риски. А также для трейдеров, которые осознали необходимость стороннего контроля за их торговлей для улучшения торговых результатов.  Для максимальных результатов - должен стоять на отдельном VPS сервере и у трейдера не должно быть возможности менять настройки в торговый период.
            1 500 USD
            Eugenio Bravetti
            The new version of  MirrorSoftware 2021  has been completely rewriten and optimized.  This version requires to be loaded only on a single chart because  it can detect all actions on every symbol and not only the actions of symbol where it is loaded. Even the  graphics and the configuration mode  have been completely redesigned. The MirrorSoftware is composed of two components (all components are required to work):  MirrorController  (free indicator): This component must be loaded into the MAST
            399 USD
            Open charts
            Maksim Slovakov
            Скрипт открывает графики по всем инструментам находящимся в окне "Обзор рынка" и по желанию может задать для всех графиков один шаблон. Так-же можно удалить все графике открытые в терминале Мт4. В скрипте имеются следующие настройки: "Таймфрейм" по умолчанию M30;             (Можно поставить свой: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN.) "Задержка" по умолчанию "0";                  (Задержка перед открытием следующего графика в миллисекундах.) "Шаблон" по умолчанию "True";                (True=пр
            444 USD
            Forex copier
            Alexandr Bryzgalov
            We offer simple and reliable software that can  copy trades  between any MT4 accounts. Easy to use MetaTrader copier which saves valuable time Reliable, so you are protected from technical issues Powerful, with a lot of features available Who can use this MT4 copier? Forex Copier is a solution for individual traders or account managers who need to execute trade signals from external sources or who need to  manage several MetaTrader 4 accounts  at the same time. We do not offer you “yet another
            9 000 USD
            Forex Market View Dashboard and CSM
            Opengates Success International
            5 (2)
            Full Forex Market View Dashboard is a custom indicator created to give the Traders a full view of what is going on in the market. It uses a real time data to access the market and display every bit of information needed to make a successful trading. Before attaching this Indicator to your window chart, go to your MT4's Market Watch panel and HIDE all the Currency pairs you don't need or trade and leave the rest there. The reason is that FFMV Dashboard will DISPLAY ALL the Currency pairs that app
            760 USD
            Trendline Scalper Robot
            Vijay Vikram Singh Kushwah
            Trading  Robot which automates your scalping and take your profitability  and forex trading experience to the next level ,Computer cannot analyse market as humans do, at same time we cannot compete with them in terms of speed of execution, hft  & emotionlessness  .  ​In this scalp-trading robot we have integrated human analysis with quick algorithmic execution  to enter and exit trades at fraction of seconds Get More details at :  https://www.noemotionfx.com/tl-scalper-ea To test , use it in dem
            299 USD
            Joel Protusada
            NewsReady is a semi-automated Expert Advisor that uses a smart straddle methods It needs to be set in charts 2 to 10 minutes before Economic Data release with a red-flag impact on currencies related to the news. Then it run pending orders in specified number of minutes indicated in the time-period parameter. After the specified time, it will stop trading and will remove all pending orders. Important You can not backtest this tool because it is semi-automated and can only be set and run a few mi
            999 USD
            Advanced Smart Renko and Heiken Ashi Candle Trader is ONE STOP SOLUTION based semi/fully - automated multi-currency EA carefully engineered for traders to enter the trade based on their Analysis or in fully automated mode for scalping, trend trading, candle breakout trades and also automated news trading with inbuilt trade management solution.    Advantages    No grid / Martingale Works on Classic Renko, Renko Heiken Ashi charts and classic Heiken Ashi charts    Features Multi-Currency Ma
            1 200 USD
            Binary expert
            Expert for a binary options on mt4, he have  two built-in a indicators and many different settings. The expert has one a level of martingale, but it is recommended to use it on  the instruments with a yield of 85 percent. it can be used simultaneously on a variety of currency instruments. All settings have already been made, but you can also configure them yourself . Currency for do trading is a Russian ruble. Good trading to everyone.
            1 009 USD
            This program is created by algorithm which economy based logic in the trading market. 1. The program able to work with all of currency and trading items  2. Take profit and loss are basically handled by EA program Recommendation: EUR_USD is the most preferred. Please use this program only for MT4. LOT should be managed depends on own deposit. Otherwise, high risk will be driven(e.g 0.1~0.2 lot is recommended when the deposit is 10,000 dollar)
            2 000 USD
            More from author
            Einstein Albert
            Antonis Michos
            5 (3)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profile. Welcome. The expert uses a super advanced algorithm to trade above or below a specific trendline ,thus can avoid very sudden moves that kill many accounts in the past. Several types of take profit are used for better performance. Strategy of positions are completely different of the other EAs.It opens 2 same sized tr
            750 USD
            Super Fibo Idea
            Antonis Michos
            5 (5)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Added Trading Panel for OPTIONAL trading. In the left side of the chart you can see Sell and Buy buttons. You can initiate a trade yourself if you want. AFTER THAT ,the EA will manage it. I REPEAT: This is optional. The EA is trading full auto. But you can use the panel for some extra trades if you want. Welcome. Super Fibo IDEA is an ext
            750 USD
            Unreal Divergence EA
            Antonis Michos
            5 (1)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profile. Welcome. IMPORTANT: Due to many drawings the testing will be very slow. YOU CAN USE CONTROL POINTS with visualization to see faster the strategy. Unreal Divergence EA uses a sophisticated custom made method to find possible exhaustion in price action.The EA waits for a pull back.Draws a Line where it scans close to it if
            750 USD
            Anaximander Areas
            Antonis Michos
            5 (2)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profile. Welcome. Anaximander Areas uses specific areas based on Zig Zag ,Stochastics and RSI to filter possible entries and scalp the market. Several TP strategies used to perform as better as it can. Super overlap System helps the EA to get out of difficult conditions. Recommendations: 1500$ balance or more.(the more the
            750 USD
            Reverse High Low
            Antonis Michos
            5 (1)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Welcome Reverse High Low EA uses and advanced algorithm based on all Oscillators to find the best possible reverse in the Timeframe you use the EA. Multiple TP systems and 3 different systems of overlap, power up the potential of the EA. IMPORTANT: USE Low spread brokers. Recommendations: 1500$ balance or more.It is known that in f
            750 USD
            RSI Fire
            Antonis Michos
            5 (1)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products.   Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile Welcome. RSI Fire ,as its name,uses as main indicator the RSI.More specifically,scans different periods of RSI in 3 different Timeframes.After that specific filters clean the field for as better entry as it can. There is also a protection system after the second position which searches IF THERE is a strong trend,so it avoids opening new ones till the tr
            750 USD
            Royal ADX
            Antonis Michos
            5 (1)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me IMPORTANT: THE SIGNAL HAS 50% DD.The drawdown happened before version 1.4.That is why the EA was upgraded to 1.4.(To avoid such conditions)You can check the signal's drawdown graph. GOLD set for 1M Welcome. Royal ADX is using as a main indicator specific readings from different periods of ADX.After thatmany conditions start to filering the p
            750 USD
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profile. BIG UPGRADE in 06/02/2023 Welcome. The hedging train is the MOST SOPHISTICATED hedging system in the whole market right now.It uses hedging in a tremendous system developed by me after many many live sessions. Recommendations Broker that allows hedging Low spread or zero broker. THE DEFAULT SET TRADES
            500 USD
            Gold Stallion
            Antonis Michos
            4.74 (46)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Huge Upgrade in: Conditions of entry.(The same as before plus some restrictions for even better). Added Buttons for Pause and Restart EA from chart. Added input for Pause EA based on number of positions and restart the EA based on candle of 4H chart if it is back on trend!   Gold Stallion uses artificial intelligence to produce as better
            750 USD
            Furiocity F1
            Antonis Michos
            5 (1)
            -------------- contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Welcome: Furiocity is an active EA using over 50 parameters in order to find an entry.Entries are searched in: Pivot points Support and Resistance Candle excaustions Reversals in hour resistances Super Important: the EA is equipped with a high class partial closure system for reducing drawdowns.   Recommendations: 15M chart or 30M. 1500$ Balance but the more is better always for sudden news .( The signa
            750 USD
            Antonis Michos
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Welcome. RollerCoster is a very active EA. The trades that opens depend by previous wicks and ADX. 3 first positions are same lot sized. Two different types of TP . A super overlap system based on Hidden Stochastic.That means that the EA will overlap partially the trades(close some wins with partially loosing ones) only if it can not close ALL and if t
            750 USD
            Virtual Trendline Scalper
            Antonis Michos
            4.88 (8)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile   4 days to pass MyForexFunds phase 1 evaluation.( see screenshot below ) EAs used: Virtual Trendline Einstein Albert . Lots used : 0.50 to 5.0 Default settings SIGNAL Monitoring Welcome. Virtual Trendline Scalper is a scalping machine (trades quite often) that uses virtual trades in virtual trendlines before it opens a real one in decent to pe
            750 USD
            Join telegram group by clicking on the link you will find below my picture's profile. Welcome. Einstein Albert Trend Semi Auto is made with the same principles concerning the lot size strategy as the full auto Einstein. Several types of take profit are used for better performance. Strategy of positions are completely different of the other EAs.It opens 6 same sized trades,then 3 same sized , AND AFTER THAT IT MARTINGALES.Making the DD much less in difficult conditions. Plus ,when the EA o
            250 USD
            Torpedo Gold
            Antonis Michos
            4.11 (9)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Huge Upgrade in: Conditions of entry.(The same as before plus some restrictions for even better). Added Buttons for Pause and Restart EA from chart. Added input for Pause EA based on number of positions and restart the EA based on candle of 4H chart if it is back on trend!   Torpedo Gold is a project using advanced parameters for findin
            750 USD
            Advanced Semi Auto trading
            Antonis Michos
            3.67 (6)
            Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me   Welcome. Advanced Semi Auto Trading : You can use the EA at your own will BASED ON YOUR ANALYSIS. ANALYZE THE MARKET and then just press the sell or buy buttons of the EA. The EA will manage the trades based on an advanced algorithm of market analysis,Take profit systems AND A VERY ADVANCED AND SOPHISTICATED OVERLAPPING SYSTEM for avoiding big drawdowns in case YOUR ENTRY is BAD. You can test this in strategy tester and using vi
            250 USD
            Forex King Pro
            Antonis Michos
            4.57 (21)
            Welcome. Forex King Pro is a ️ FLEXIBLE ️ADJUSTABLE   EA with  : ️ neural networks ️ dynamic take profit for maximum performance ️ STOP LOSS  for all positions !!! User has the ability to decide if he wants to trade with flat lot ,with martingale,with money management. The EA searches for impulses in specific conditions and start to open positions. Recommendations: 15M TF, 5M (you can use it in any) All Pairs. For GOLD you need to add an extra 0 at the inputs that referring
            FX Stallion
            Antonis Michos
            4.5 (8)
            --------------  contact me for discount if you want 2 or more of my Products. Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me   Welcome. After lots of requests i managed to create the brother of Gold Stallion . HOW TO TEST: All my neural network EAs use enormous amount of conditions,therefore the test in ticks is very slow. You can use control points testing method for faster execution.The results though may differ from ticks.Use this option in visualization in or
            750 USD
            Zig Zag Ultimate
            Antonis Michos
            5 (1)
            Telegram Group: Find the link in my profile or contact me Huge Upgrade in: Conditions of entry.(The same as before plus some restrictions for even better). Added Buttons for Pause and Restart EA from chart. Added input for Pause EA based on number of positions and restart the EA based on candle of 4H chart if it is back on trend! Added input for Trail Money. Welcome. Zig Zag Ultimate uses a top notch strategy based on Zig Zg indicator among with candle reversal patterns.
            750 USD
            CopyFX Guardian is a Utility that can be used for: 1. CopyFX charts.Set the EA in a chart where you copy trades from a signal Provider.Example:If you set the EA in a EURUSD chart and your signal Provider opens trades for EURUSD and they are in loss greater than the loss you have set in the EA's input,the EA will AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE all the positions of EURUSD IN THE PLATFORM. VERY IMPORTANT: The EA will not let the signal provider OPENS new trades unless you ENABLE AGAIN the EA from the char
            95 USD
            T Rookie
            Antonis Michos
            Welcome. The EA is a personalised custom made algorithm for Trading academy. T-Rookie is a full automatic EA that is created to generate as much as possible trades but also with as much safety. Monitoring HERE - Cent Account ( The test will be extreme slow due to many lines and many variables,so please see signal.) It uses trend indicators and trend exhausting indicators to forecast possible reversal. Along this,it is deployed a trading strategy with multiple take profit conditio
            2 000 USD
            Paulina Andrea Madariaga Figueroa

            Thank you Antonis! Good EA

            abhishekbose2000 2021.03.11 10:09 

            after close / exit of every trade (automatically) do we have to manually place another trade or does the EA takes buy or sell trade automatically

            Antonis Michos
            Reply from developer Antonis Michos 2021.03.11 10:12
            If there are NO trades on chart,the USER (you) must open the initial one.After that,the EA handles the rest.
            LEONARDO NOCERA 2021.01.03 01:52 

            Bought 1 year ago...never gave problems and always managed the position in profit. 5 STAR deserved to Mister Michos for this good EA.

            Lasse Michael Holm
            Lasse Michael Holm 2020.08.18 15:25 

            I really love this indicator so much! Great result.

            red1983 2020.08.11 22:10 

            TOP TOP TOP!!! Very helpfull tool!!!

            UPDATE: 1 year and half than I use this tool and it works perfectly...

            Andreas Franz
            Andreas Franz 2020.04.09 17:54 

            Following the instructions provided by the EA panel I- as a conservative trader- was able to generate small profits on a regular basis since I bought the EA a few months ago.

            5 stars for top EA and for top customer support

            Konstantin Polle
            Konstantin Polle 2020.02.19 15:45 

            Antonis как всегда на высоте,грамотный программист,моментальная поддержка.Отличная утилита,только пять звезд,так держать

            DE AN LIAO
            DE AN LIAO 2020.02.04 14:11 

            This is a very useful tool for me!

            Especially when you are a Manual Trader, and use like price action.

            Wolfgang Rockert
            Wolfgang Rockert 2020.01.24 11:22 

            Great, top results, if you know what you do, add a Indicator and Trade nonstop....

            Top Support , fast Answer...

            GERALDO FERREIRA MESQUITA 2020.01.24 07:54 

            Good job done!!!

            Apostolos Petrakis
            Apostolos Petrakis 2019.12.28 08:24 

            The Ea is unique. It finds the way to close the trades on profit. Antonis is very helpfull and answers immediately.

            Citer27 2019.12.26 15:27 

            hoi traders - this morning profit with the Virtual killer - and the Scalpermind 2 - and the Neural Recovery Trader - I give 8 stars for this tools!

            sachanvajra 2019.12.14 13:03 

            Give you 5 stars for this tool.

            Marcello Lo Sauro
            Marcello Lo Sauro 2019.12.06 17:22 

            User didn't leave any comment to the rating

            ronny1111 2019.11.25 18:43 

            Virtual Trade Killer - Report + Suggestion

            I bought this fine little machine with not to big hopes, mostly because the BF-Sale, I was only curious what this tool is doing.

            It’s very funny to play with this in the strategy tester with random trades, just to see how this crazy tool brings it all to profit.

            Yes it’s clear you should'nt over trade the initial trade, you must have in your view, that the EA can make trades with higher Lotsizes.

            A fantastic tool for all traders, mostly for the undisciplined – and that are the most traders - sometimes. A typical situation for me is,

            after a day with so and so results I open - because of the strong indication from my system a „late trade“ (at time when I know it’s

            more risky to open a trade…) and bang – the beast goes against me. If I set a SL - the small profits from the day goes down the drain…

            With the Virtual Trade Killer you can close the desktop, go to sleep or open another monitor (the TV Set ) the crazy little machine

            will manage the trade and do the best to make a decent profit. A very fine work and worth the money – even without the BF Sale…

            Here is a suggestion, to improve the EA a little or to create a complete new one: The EA itself handles only the trades opened with

            the red / green button. A very welcome addition would be, if the EA could handle trades opened with other EA or manual. This could

            give a very good „Recover-EA“. On the MQL5-markets you will find a lot of free EAs an Indies. With such a tool it could be possible to improve

            results from such systems.

            Such an „Recover-EA“ must have the inputs for „Recover-mode“ (which means he should take control over other trades) and he

            needs a logic to average the open trades and „determination of focus“ of all open trades. And a difference-input, when to start

            managin‘ the open positions. Other good features would be a „lock“ function if the trend goes strong against the open position(s)

            and the abiltiy to trade against the open positions if there are strong signals for makin‘ profit in the other direction.

            So - all in all – I think it’s a new EA…

            Keep up the great work!


            P.S.: If you find any mistakes in language you can keep it – my mother language is german and all what I have learned I’ve learned from Elvis Presley Songs.

            fjtully 2019.10.25 10:46 

            User didn't leave any comment to the rating

            chris0212 2019.09.20 03:05 

            The Ea is well design and profitable. Very good

            Reply to review
            Version 1.12 2022.04.19
            Added pending order buttons.
            Version 1.11 2020.08.17
            Upgrade ofn UI and addon option for change lotsize on chart.
            Extra inputs also added.
            Version 1.10 2019.11.04
            Alert removed
            Version 1.9 2019.10.28
            Added alert
            Version 1.8 2019.10.16
            Bug with panel fixed
            Version 1.7 2019.10.15
            Comments added
            Version 1.6 2019.10.01
            Added max volume on trade
            Version 1.5 2019.09.28
            Huge UPDATE in enty conditions and TP
            Version 1.4 2019.09.24
            New second entry conditions added
            Version 1.3 2019.09.21
            Major upgrade concerning the overlaping closing at DD
            Version 1.2 2019.09.18
            Improved USI
            Version 1.1 2019.09.18
            Minor bugs fixed