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Auto us500

This EA is universal, it can be used to trade any tools prone to trend movement, but by default the robot is configured to trade the S & P 500 index (US500) on an account with a deposit of $ 100.
The setting was made according to the original quotes and trading conditions of the RoboForex broker (described below).
When increasing the deposit, proportionally increase the volume of the transaction. If the trading conditions offered by your broker on the S & P500 index are significantly different or you want to configure trading with another instrument, you need to change the settings (the default settings are very far from what you need to trade currency pairs, for example).

A detailed Guide will be published in the comments on the work. Set files for other tools will also be published there.

1. For technical reasons, the Priority variable is set to Priority_Buy, this does not correspond to the optimal settings. Before testing, to get the result shown in the screenshot, be sure to change it to PriorityByTrend
2. On the history-period used for the test, the presence of time frames M1, M5, M15, H1 is mandatory;
3. It is necessary to change the settings of the robot when testing the S & P500 index on quotes with an accuracy of more than 1 sign and / or traded without night breaks (quotes downloaded through Tickstory, for example).

Trading conditions used for setup and test:

  • Spread: floating (4-5-6 pips usualy)
  • Digits: 1
  • Stops level: 0
  • Contract size: 1
  • Profit calculation mode:  CFD
  • Margin calculation mode:  CFD
  • Margin hedge: 0.50
  • Margin percentage: 1%
  • Minimal volume 0.1
  • Session start: 3:00
  • Session stop: 23:15

Input parameters

  • BuyStop_ON, SellStop_ON, BuyStopNext, SellStopNext - Permission to trade in directions and to trade with next orders
  • ReInvest_ON - Permission to calculate the volume of the deals from the amount of the account balance
  • StartTrading, StopTrading - setting the time allowing the adviser to work
  • Stop_X - selection of the action performed by the robot at the end of the session
  • DDstep_Auto, DD_Step - enable automatic issuance of permission to start a new trading cycle when a drawdown of more than DD_Step
  • LockDist - distance to set a lock-order. A negative value hereinafter is equivalent to OFF
  • * mk - Martingale, multiplier of the order volume of a new cycle
  • Priority - setting priority in directions. Controls the opening of next-deals, and also controls the operation of indicators in PriorityByTrend mode
  • Risk - the maximum allowable risk of loss of profit during pyramiding
  • SL_Combine - permission to automatically combine SL of profitable and losing deals
  • DistanceTrailing_ON - switch "trailing by distance" 
  • FirstTrailingStart, NextTrailingStart - profit at which trailing of the first and next deals begins
  • SL_DistK - coefficient determining the distance to the set SL at the start of trailing
  • Base TrDistance - a variable for calculating the trailing distance with a large profit
  • LevTral_ON -  switch "trailing by levels"
  • LevTF1, Lev1_Per, First TrailingDistance - trailing parameters for the first deal
  • LevTF2, Lev2_Per, Next TrailingDistance - the same for the next deals
  • Periods M60, Differ - parameters for indicator "control the priority of directions"
  • basePer - the number of periods
  • baseOffset - offset from the zero bar, determines the point on the MA curve by which the difference in price values ​​is compared compared with the BaseDif constant
  • FastDif, ShortDif, RSI_Dif, ForceDif - constants with which indicators values ​​are compared
  • BScheck, SScheck - "trend check ON/OFF" by direction. If BScheck=false and SScheck=false - Trend control Off
  • FastFlyDif, ShortFlyDif, rsiFlyDif, forceFyDif - strong pulse filter settings. Fly Signal has Top Priority
  • TaxStartClosing, TaxClosing, TaxPercent, NextClosing, NextPercent - control the drawdown control function
  • Lot4cls -% of Lots, minimum volume to close drawdown with NextClosing function
  • Profit% for Close_All - percentage of the total profit at which all transactions can be closed
  • Profit% EquityDifferClsALL - percentage growth in equity from the entry point to the lock at which all transactions can be closed

    A more detailed description of the settings will be published in the comments to the work.

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