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Expert Advisor for volatility trading.

Intelligent algorithm for scalper traders.

The expert identifies the increase in market volatility, and places stop operations (buy-stop and sell-stop) at the distance where we want from the price, with the expiration of the pendant always decided by


 When an operation enters the other is eliminated and the price is followed by the configured trailingstop.


Warning: The backtests have no value on possible future gains, the expert is recommended to use it on brokers with low spred and low commissions.

The optimization of the parameters is fundamental depending on the cross forex or cfd, and on the timeframe used.


The benefits you get:


Works on forex and CFD, timeframe from M1 to H1.

Easy to use.

Fully configurable.




DistanceFromBid = 5; distance in pip of the positioning of the pendants compared to the price

Expiration_Second = 20; time in seconds for atonement of the pendants

Lot_Mangement = false; activation and deactivation of Money Management

Risk_Percent_Of_Balance = 2; percentage risk for Fixed_Lots operation = 0.1; fixed lots if MM is deactivated

FactorStop = 1.5; Value that multiplied by the DistanceFromBid, from the distance of the Stop loss

FactorTrail = 1.5; Value that multiplied by the DistanceFromBid, from the distance of the tralingstop

ATTIVA_FASCIA_ORARIA = true; possibility to have the expert work only in a time slot


ORA_INIZIO_PRIMA_SESS = 7; start time of EA activation

MINUTI_INIZIO_SESS = 0; minutes of EA activation start

ORA_FINE_SESS = 20; hour deactivate EA

MINUTI_FINE_SESS = 00; minutes deactivation EA

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