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Signal Planner

Signal Planner

Make Your Buy Sell Signals Easily. This Indicator can use the current charts indicators and make final buy/sell signals very Intuitively.

How to Make Buy Sell Rules.

  1. Prepare your favorite indicators to current chart.
  2. Put this indicator. And Press "Add" Button.
  3. Choose your indicators and rules.
  4. Select Buy or Sell.
  5. Press "Signal"

Parameters and Buttons

  1. Parameters : ArrowSize - Size of the Signals. ArrowColor - Color of the Signals.
  2. Buttons
    Name - Click to change Indicators.
    Index - Indicator's Index. (0 is default)
    Pos - Indicator's candle position. 0 is current candle position, 1 is previous candle position.
    Add - Add Rules.
    Buy / Sell - Which signal you will make.
    Signal - Draw Signal


  • Current Chart's Indicators Only.
  • This system cannot distinguish indicators when the indicator's short name matches exactly.
  • Demo download will not work, because this indicator needs other indicators on chart.
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