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Market Sentiment Follower

The expert Advisor trades according to the Market Sentiment and the direction set by the trader-against the market or following the market. Information about Market Sentiment is taken from the MyFxBook page, which shows the number of trades in the market to buy and sell, as well as the volume and average prices of buys and sells for all instruments. Since the Market Sentiment history is not provided, the expert Advisor saves it to disk for possible subsequent use during testing and optimization. On the discussion page of this expert there is an archive with the Market Sentiment history of some tools.

Video instruction to the expert is available.

Telegram t.me/marketsentimentfollower or EA4LIFE-Market Sentiment Follower

Real signal monitoring https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/617020

The expert has a breakeven function, virtual take profit and stop loss function, as well as a news filter.

SENTIMENT PARAMETERS - setting the market sentiment indication

  • Where to take Market Sentiment - a source of information on market sentiment. File or website;
  • Follow Market Sentiment - open trades in the direction of market sentiment or against;
  • Wait ubtil Equlibrium - open trades immediately after the expert Advisor starts or wait until the market sentiment reaches 50% of equilibrium;
  • Equlibrium  - the tolerance on the equilibrium;
TRADING PARAMETERS - setting trade's grid, stop loss, take profit and limiting settings
  • Do not trade if spread > - do not trade if spread is greater than specified;
  • Maximum amount of trades - maximum number of simultaneously opened trades;
  • Adding trade every step following the trend - add trades with a step in the selected direction in case of profit growth;
  • Adding trade every step against the trend - add trades with a step in the selected direction in case of loss growth;
  • ... step ratio - the ratio of grid step in the direction of loss;
  • Take profit (virtual if nagative) - take profit size. If value is negative the expert Advisor will put a virtual take profit;
  • Stop loss (virtual if nagative) - the size of the stop loss. If value is negative the expert Advisor will put a virtual stop loss;
  • Magic number - magic number;
  • Close all DD % - close all trades when the specified drawdown is reached;
  • Close all if profit % - close all trades when the specified profit is reached;
  • Trail Stop Loss every profit (in pips) - trail stop loss if profit is greater than specified;
  • ...trail step - trailing step, if null, the trail will occur without a step;
  • Set to break even if profit > pip(s) - set breakeven if profit is greater than specified;
LOT SIZING - setting the volume of trades
  • Lot size - trades volume calculation algorithm;
  • Constant size - open trade with a constant size;
  • % from free margin - sizing by % of free margin;
NEWS FILTER - новостной фильтр
  • Close all before news (minutes), if 0 just plot news lines - close all trades and stop trading before the news (minutes). If zero, the filter does not work, but only displays news lines;
  • Don't trade after news (minutes) - do not trade after news, minutes;
  • News server time offset (hours) - the time offset between the broker and news service forexfactory.com;
  • Work with High news (red) - read important news;
  • Work with Medium news (blue) - read news of medium importance;
  • Work with Low news (green) - read news of low importance;
  • Additional currencies, like EUR,USD,GBP  - read news not only of the traded pair but also of the currencies specified in this list;

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Version 1.2 2019.11.27
New feature was added - Do not close lose if signal changed.
Version 1.1 2019.10.14
It is possible to select timeframe for parsing timframe.