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Copy My Strategy

Remote database connection to mt4 and then import orders from Mysql to mt4

consider the fallowing

  1. Don't execute order more than 1 time
  2. import orders from order table not History
  3. use appendix as an option for other station like EURUSDx , aEURUSD
  4. option to choose lot size either like original or fix lot like 0.2 for all opening orders 
  5. option for white and black list you can choose what pairs you like or dislike 
  6. option to select account number to copy from it
  7. option for TP / SL if false will use original
  8. option for trialing stop
  9. option for max lot 
  10. max orders to copy it in same time for example can open 1.4 lots as max no more 
  11. max order number just x orders (include orders and pending) 
  12. option for slippage and max spread according your broker
  13. Time Filter 
  14. Day Filter 

  15. Send me Private message to get your detail login

This EA for copy Signals From master Account that have multi Indicators 

please send me PM for your metatrader 4 account number to activate your account 

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